Photo Credits: Jim Curry

Take Me Home, Country Roads, Starring Jim Curry

Jim Curry’s tribute concert for the singer/songwriter John Denver, the face of folk music and one of the most beloved entertainers of the early ‘70s came to the Townsend Center of Performing Arts. 

Curry is a tribute artist that has a voice and retro glasses that mirrors Denver. Is Curry just the usual “Vegas style” tribute singer, like all the Elvis Presley impersonators that sing and dance on the Vegas Strip, or does he do it for more than making a buck? Curry’s website says that it is a coincidence that his looks and his voice resemble Denver’s, but Curry claims he sings in his own natural voice.  

“I do something very specific. I focused on being the best at that one thing,” said Curry. “I did the work to know and experience everything I could to understand and personally connect to the music. Then take all that and treat it with respect, treat it like a business, and make sure that everything helps someone else more than it helps me.” 

Denver’s death sparked the flame of Curry’s musical career when Curry landed an offscreen job to sing as the voice of John Denver in the CBS movie, Take Me Home: The John Denver Story. 

“The most rewarding thing to me, as a fan, has been the thrill, the thrill of working with all the same people that John worked with,” said Curry. “Being on stage with the actual icons of the industry is very surreal. In fact, this show in Carrollton will have Chris Nole, John’s piano player, in band.” 

Curry is more than a fan; he is keeping Denver’s amazing performances alive by capturing the pure essence of the true feelings of the songs he sings. Curry says Denver’s music is growing more popular to the younger generation and the songs will always be relevant to the times and universal in their meaning. Curry is planning on performing Denver’s tribute music as long as he can sing and there are fans to listen. 

“The most rewarding thing about the concerts is how much this music means to so many people and in so many different ways,” said Curry. “How uplifting John’s music is. People are deeply moved during the show, and that’s a tribute to John’s songs.” 



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