The UWG Theatre Program’s First Big Show Of The Fall

The Gospel at Colonus as Oedipus is a theatre performance that will be opening on Oct. 8th at the Townsend Center for the Performing ArtsMainstage (TCPA) and runs through Oct 13th. This theatre performance is all about transformation and will include laughs, claps and dance that will make thaudience want to jump out of their seats.  

Saani Parham is a marketing assistant for the theatre department who is also in the cast of The Gospel at Colonus as Oedipus. Preparing for a theatre performance requires many rehearsals, full run-throughs and preparation for the audience in attendance. 

“When preparing for a show, our cast of student performers has to rehearse a lot,” said Parham. “We get about seven weeks of rehearsal time before the first performance, so we rehearse every day except for Sunday.” 

Although seven weeks may seem like a long time, it is actually very limited with all of the requirements that are included in the production of the show. There are a lot of misunderstandings as to how hard those who are in theatre have to work in order to make the rehearsals run smoothly. Many do not realize that there is a lot that goes into having those amazing performances that we all see.   

“Our weekly schedule consists of music rehearsals on Mondays and Thursdays, choreography rehearsals on Tuesdays, blocking rehearsal on Wednesdays and Fridays,” said Parham. “We round out our weeks with an early afternoon rehearsal on Saturdays to review. Outside of rehearsals, we have what I like to call ‘actor homework,’ which is just a little extra preparation for our roles.” 

With Oct. 8th quickly approaching, everyone who is involved in The Gospel at Colonus as Oedipus is buckling down to ensure that every part of the show is on par with expectations. Costumes are being made, sets are being built and actors are trying to memorize their lines and places on the stage.  

“Long before a show starts rehearsal, the design team will hold meetings with the director because a lot more work and preparation are put into building a set and costumes,” said Parham. “At the first rehearsal, we have a show and tell, and all the designers show us what the show will look like. While the cast is in rehearsals, another collection of people is working with the designers to build the set and put together the costumes and lights.” 

It is important for everyone to work together in order to make this big production become cohesive and understandable to all who are watching. All of the small intricacies of the set, costumes and makeup truly make the show what it is.  

“When audiences come to see this show, we want them to join us in celebrating the many things we discover on our journey through a glorious transformation,” said Parham. We want our audiences to allow themselves to experience empathy as we tell the story of how compassion trumps cruelty.” 



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