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“To All the Boys: Always and Forever”: The End of a Trilogy

To All of The Boys: Always and Forever is a beautiful movie to wrap up the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy. This movie provides the final chapter to the beloved relationship between Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky, as it presents the strengths and weaknesses of their relationship as they prepare for college.

To All the Boys is a movie trilogy that centers around the main characters Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky who fall in love after Lara Jean’s love letter to Peter is accidentally mailed to him. Their relationship goes through different trials and tribulations but they always come out strong.

Within the third movie, Peter and Lara Jean are in their senior year of high school and at this point have been in a relationship for a while now. They both have plans to go to school at Stanford University but Peter is accepted and Lara Jean is not. Lara Jean then evaluates how she can manage to keep her relationship with Peter while attending a different school.

The theme of high school lovers figuring out how they can maintain their relationship after high school has been used in many different rom-coms such as the High School Musical movies and The Kissing Booth movies. Many times the only outcome for this situation is the couple staying together or separating. While watching Peter and Lara Jeans’ relationship unfold, I was interested to see what they were going to do, but with only two possible solutions it isn’t too exciting.

Lara Jean is accepted to UC Berkeley where she thinks she can continue to manage her relationship with Peter. However, during the senior trip to New York City Lara Jean starts to realize she might be better suited to go to New York University. After telling Peter her decision, it causes friction within their relationship because Peter does not understand why they can’t go to Stanford together.

On the night of prom, Lara Jean feels quite lonely as she sees that her relationship with Peter could come to an end. Peter reassures her that they are closer than ever, but once Lara confirms that she is feeling rather insecure, in what seems like an avalanche of things waiting to happen, the couple then breaks up. Lara Jean and Peter have now gone from having an epic highschool love story to a tragic breakup in a matter of weeks over the small issue of whether or not they attend the same university.

The break up seems rather odd because they have broken up or stopped talking to each other a few times in the past two films and have gotten through the same struggles. After their breakup, Lara Jean directs her focus towards her father’s wedding. At the end of the wedding Peter shows up and reveals how he did not want to hold Lara Jean back from achieving her dreams and that they can make their relationship work even from a long distance. The movie ends with each of them moving into their respected schools.

Even though this movie is the last in the trilogy and provided closure to many To All The Boys fans, it showed an example of how even the strongest of love are worth fighting for. To All The Boys: Always and Forever is a perfect end to an amazing movie series. It holds everything a classic rom-com lover needs—relationships, drama and a sweet ending. However, the last movie can never compare to the first, as we are introduced to the wonderful couple that captivated our attention for three long and amazing films.



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