Touring band to make stop in Carrollton

The local pop/rock band, Glass Mansions, is on tour and will be performing a show in Carrollton. The South Carolina natives began their tour on March 2 and the stop in Carrollton is the last show before the culmination of their tour at NOPHEST in Atlanta at the end of March. The bands 2017 SXSW Tour stretches all across the southeast and midwest, with stops including San Antonio, TX, Austin, TX and Montgomery, AL. 

        The group features propulsive, upbeat songs the combine a 90’s rock band with modern dance music of today. The vibrant sounds and intimate lyrics from lead singer Jayna Doyle woo the sound with her voice while keyboardist Blake Arambula and guitarist Patrick Beardsley lay down the rhythm and back up on vocals. The group recently released their hit single “NIGHTSWIMMING” which features a groovy rhythm and a catchy melody that will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. The band’s rhythm and pulse are its lifelines and keeps an energetic tempo for many of its songs. 

        With over 10 tours under their belt, Glass Mansions is ready to make the bigtime. They will be performing at Alley Cat in Carrollton March 25 at 7 p.m. 




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