UWG Delight Ministries: Faith, Fellowship and Fun

Delight Ministries is a weekly event hosted for young women to learn about their spiritual faith or develop it alongside women their age. Parker Kelp pinger has led as director for the past two years at UWG and has her hands in every piece of the event she can per week. 

Delight allows girls to have a place to go and feel seen, known, and loved...We take intentional time to get to know the girls and be honest and open about ourselves so it’s easier for them to open up,” says the student director Kleppinger. 

The Delight ministry team meets every Wednesday for all of the young women on campus to come and learn what it feels like to be in a genuine community with their peers. 

“We do announcements of any updates or upcoming events at the beginning, we transition into either a short ice-breaker game or do a few worship songs, then one of the eight leaders leads a short bible study based on the material we get from Delight headquarters. For the last couple of minutes we break up into small groups and answer some discussion-based questions,” says Kleppinger. 

The ministry has a leadership team devoted to helping young women in their spiritual walks. Having a leadership devoted to intentionality is what Delight prides itself on.  

Photo Credit: Parker Kleppinger.

“The leadership team consists of eight members right now. Girls that are different years, come from different backgrounds, involved in different things, who all come together for the Kingdom of Christ and furthering that at West Georgia,” says Kleppinger. 

There is a sense of community no matter what at Delight, and being able to host it once every week gives young women on the campus the opportunity to explore long term friendships.  

 “Every person is responsible for a different area of Delight,” says Kleppinger. “Whether that be community service, finances, book sales, etc. All of the leaders thrive in their area and are great team players when we need anything extra done. 

“Being the director for the last two years has really challenged me in the best way possible. Since the organization is faith-based and centered around Christ, it expands on my normal life passion and something that’s instilled in my daily life,” continued Kleppinger. 

The team hopes to teach what it looks like to love college women well by providing them with a safe space to express their emotions and faith. From worship to decoration, to presenting a message for the week, the Delight girls work hard to make their name known on the campus. 

“In small groups and through Delight dates, we focus on getting girls to feel comfortable about opening up and talking about hard things so we can come alongside them to support and encourage them in the best way,” says Kleppinger. 




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