Dinner at the Marrero’s Becomes a New Tradition for some at UWG

Ashley Buckner Picture (BLUE COATS ARTCILE)A group of University of West Georgia students have memories that will last a lifetime after having dinner with the university’s President, Dr. Kyle Marrero and his family. Sunday, Feb. 26, the University of West Georgia Blue Coats were able to enjoy dinner and dessert in the beautiful home of Dr. Marrero, his wife Jane and their seven-year-old daughter, Lily. 

It is not every day that you can enjoy a home cooked meal with the president of your university. However, for the Blue Coats, this dream became reality. 

The Blue Coats are a select group of student leaders who are involved in a diverse range of activities and pursuing various educational disciplines. The Blue Coats work closely with Alumni and donors of the university. 

“The Blue Coats are UWG’s most prestigious ambassadors,” said Marrero. “They represent the students and the university at official events, functions, on and off campus.  They represent a kaleidoscope of experiences, cultures, demographics and ethnicities but are united in their quest for education and the ultimate student experience.  I’m so proud of the Blue Coats and so blessed to be their President.” 

“It is always wonderful to spend quality time with UWG students. Having the Blue Coats at our home provided the opportunity to engage with these student leaders in an informal, home cooked environment. The conversations ranged from family to careers to dreams and aspirations,” said Dr. Marrero. 

The Blue Coats were able to really converse with Dr. Marrero and his family by asking questions to help understand the passion that goes into such a dedicated position. 

“It truly re-energizes me engaging with such an incredible group of student leaders.  Hopefully, it also allowed the Blue Coats to get to know me and my wife and our precious seven-year-old, Lily, a little better,” said Dr. Marrero. 

The event consisted of dinner, dessert and fun games that kept everyone laughing for the night.  Students enjoyed being able to really connect with Dr. Marrero and his family one such a relaxed occasion.  

“Being invited to the president’s house was such a wonderful and humbling experience. It is very rare for a college student to say they got to have dinner with their university’s president and his family. The best part of the night was spending time in an intimate environment with such a beautiful and down to earth family. We really have the best president in the nation,” said Blue Coats President, Charity Dobbs. 

The University of West Georgia welcomed in 16 new members on Tuesday, March 7, 2017. These new members have already expressed their excitement on attending next semester’s dinner at the Marrero’s!



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