Episodes in Sexuality 2020

Credit: UWG Campus Labs

It’s no secret that sexuality has everything to do with people discovering more about their bodies and feelings. By the time we reach young adulthood, we want to know for sure how we feel about people, especially in a romantic sense and how to survive in the world with those feelings. A lot of those times, this is very much easier said than done and experiences are the best teachers.

After we have a positive or negative reaction to an experience, we make decisions because of them. But if we have something to relate to while making these decisions, then perhaps it could be a little easier to deal with the serious life situations we all have to deal with involving romance and sexuality. The University of West Georgia’s “Episodes in Sexuality” series of plays is something that is meant to be relatable to these issues, making it a popular standout.

This year’s play “Episodes in Sexuality 2020”marks the 28th time this special has been put on at UWG. Every year its theme changes to reflect the year of the production. This year, its mission was to display the issues of sexuality that the current generation of young adults deal with and the resolve they have to move past them. It also reflects the hardships of the world we live in today and how there has to be some way to rise above all the ugliness it has to throw at us.

This year was a little different as it had an all female cast and focused on harsh problems women face dealing with their sexuality and others, the ways they manage to embrace themselves and deal with their feelings, flaws and all. This is relevant to the real world because as young women, it is always somewhat of an uphill battle trying to get out and be truly authentic in a world that is judgemental.

This year, something that was also different was that the production was run by the audience. It was split up into different literal episodes that reflected different real-life issues that everybody in some form or fashion has encountered. It was not afraid to go dark, as some of the episodes tackled controversial topics, in which the actors had to play some very despicable characters. It was something a few of them admitted was very hard for them as it didn’t align with their personal beliefs. but as it is always said, “the show must go on”.

Overall, “Episodes in Sexuality 2020” was a very good production. It stuck to having its own new themes as well as fresh creativity infused into it. It should be applauded for making women’s issues its major theme to explore and displaying it beautifully.



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