Her Campus Hosts its First Her Campus Week

The Her Campus Chapter at UWG held its first Her Campus Week. Her Campus is an online women’s magazine that has more than 400 campus chapters throughout multiple countries. The week consisted of five different virtual and in-person events including Jump Into 2021- How to Make a Vision Board and ReadIt and Weep Writers Workshop. 

The chapter is involved within the local community by participation in community service and outreach events. The thought process behind organizing a Her Campus Week for students was to create events that both members and others alike can participate in as well as help or inspire others in need. Once that was established by board members the planning commenced.

“When it came to planning, I designated certain events to different e-board members,” said Amari Morrison, President of the Her Campus chapter at UWG. “For instance we have the ReadIt and Weep Writers Workshop, and I put our senior editors in charge of those events as they are a part of our editorial team. Then as president I reached out and helped organize the podcast with another organization that is about women’s empowerment.” 

Both events, the ReadIt and Weep Writers Workshop and the The Color of Friendship – Unity Amongst Women Podcast, were held virtually. The writers workshop was able to provide viewers tips on how to improve your writing while the Unity Amongst Women podcast created a powerful conversation about women sticking together. 

Also, to make their events more interesting they added an overall theme of Disney movies to connect and reach more people as well. The movies included Jump In, ReadIt and Weep, The Color of Friendship, Let it Shine and the Princess Protection Program.

“When coming up with the events it was really a group effort,” said Katelyn Edwards, the Co-Senior Editor of the Her Campus chapter. “I don’t remember who exactly came up with the idea, but they said that’s exactly what we should do because it’s relatable. Everyone grew up on these movies.

 “I was really excited about the events, especially The Color of Friendship, because that is one of my favorite movies,” continued Edwards. “We were thinking of changing it because it’s not as well-known but we decided to keep it and I’m glad we did.”

Not only has the organization been able to create more brand awareness for the chapter and get a good turn out on its’ events, but it has also been able to recruit new members as well.

With January being over, Her Campus hopes to continue to do events and engage with students during the spring semester. 

“Next month is Black History Month and we are looking forward to writing articles about the different events that will be going on,” said Morrison. “ And we are also thinking about hosting another podcast as well as partnering with other organizations.”



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