I.M Master’s Academy Encourages Young People to “Run the Play!”

Courtesy; Jon Ossoff for Senate

The IM Master’s Academy held one of their yearly conferences on Jan. 17-18 at the Georgia World Congress Center in downtown Atlanta. It was open to anyone who wanted to learn about the Academy’s work, though members believe young adults benefit the most from what they offer.

IM Master’s Academy has been active for six years and their priority is to make everyone who shows up feel as though they can master marketing skills including technical analysis, reading charts, selecting beneficial trades and risk management. They aim to spread their mantra “Run the Play!” which is meant to encourage young people by shedding light on how they can be successful in network marketing if they believe they can shape their own destiny.

Justin Ownes was the host for the evening and he kept the crowd of over 250 people

entertained with jokes and inspirational stories. Others who attended the event included Alex Morton, who is currently on Forbes’ list of 30 under 30, and David Imonitie who is the highest paid African-American in the multi-level marketing business.

Perhaps the most memorable part of the evening took place when the panel traders came up to speak. They were regular young adults who at the time were struggling financially, a situation many in attendance could relate to. They all began to pick up trading and each one regarded it as one of the best decisions they ever made. One trader described her breakthrough trading moment that came when she felt as though she was not going to make it, only to hit her biggest payday. Another trader described his experience with multi-level marketing as not being about the money, but rather the joy he had brought to people he knew by introducing them to the business and that their joy was his reward. Jeff Greene was originally a firefighter with little knowledge of trading. Now he has been trading for six months and has already scored a huge payout. 

“With time being the greatest commodity we have I want other people to come in here and see that they don’t have to spend 30, 40 years of their lives working someone else’s dreams when they can be financially free,” Greene said. 

Greene has so far made $500 in one day alone from network marketing in the category of foreign exchange, his trade of choice. 

“Multiple strings of income today is not a luxury it is a need,” Greene said about his success in the business. “What I want people to take away from all this, is that they can be more than a job.”



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