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IFC Olympics 2022

On Oct. 19 and 20, UWG’s fraternities faced off in a test of strength, athleticism and strategy. The Inner Fraternity Council (IFC) Olympics have returned to the UWG. The Inner Fraternity Council has eight different fraternities at UWG. The grand prize may have been nothing more than bragging rights and satisfaction, but when it is amongst close peers and rivals, that can go a long way, and overall the games are all in good fun.

There were four events over the course of two days.  The first day of the events began with the fraternities playing basketball and dice toss. The second day consisted of playing chip-in golf and dodgeball.

Members of the IFC Board refereed every game. Fraternities were allowed to submit multiple teams to increase their odds of winning events. The point system was determined by who finished in the top three. First place would receive three points, second place with two points and third place with one point.

“IFC Olympics was an idea brought to us back by our Philanthropy Vice President as a way to bind the IFC Greek organizations closer together,” said IFC Board Member Diego Alfonso Olivo. “This as well was a way to bring more fun light hearted events back to the Village. The four games showed different ranges of ability throughout the fraternities.”

The first event played was dice toss. The first team to 11 points won the game. After a battle worth dying for, Pi Kappa Alpha won dice toss, putting them in an early lead.

The next event was three on three basketball. The first games went up to 11 points while the championship game went up to 15 points. Sigma Nu dominated the tournament by never allowing more than four points in any game. That concluded day one.

“Day one was amazing. It had a huge turnout for people playing in the games,” said Olivo. “The games were three on three basketball and dice toss. We had a huge attendance and even had some sororities show up to watch the games and support the fraternities.”

The first event of day two was chip golf. Two fraternities, Sigma Nu and Sigma Chi tied at the event.

The final event of the day was five on five dodgeball. Fraternities stood at either end of the basketball court with balls in the center. Several fraternities sent in multiple teams for a final push for glory. Just like two of the three prior events, Sigma Nu won dodgeball and the IFC Olympics. 

“In terms of attendance, day two was less attended but was still fun nonetheless because of the dodgeball game played,” said Olivo. “My favorite part of the two days was seeing everyone enjoy themselves no matter what fraternity you were a part of, people were being competitive and having fun with each other and that’s all you could ask for!” 



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