Ka’ili by Nara

To make anything successful, all you need is patience, perseverance and most importantly, hard work. To achieve success it requires constant trial and error until finally finding what works to get the recognition that is deserved.  

 That is true for Kenara Hamm, an undergraduate mass communication student at UWG. On campus, there are many different entrepreneurs that range in different talents and skills. Some, like Hamm, just chose to make a business about what their passion is — for her it is skincare. 

 “I think skincare is very important during this age because it helps prevent wrinkles,” said Hamm. “It makes you look younger, and it’s just more appealing.” 


 Besides being a full-time student, Hamm also works at the campus Starbucks as a barista. However, as soon as she is done for the day and goes home then the real work begins. Her skin care products are all organic and homemade. The list of products includes lip scrubs, face and body oils, stretch mark creams and for men there are beard oils and scrubs.  

Hamm’s business originally started just by her making products for a few friends that knew about her skincare obsession from there she decided to expand her reach and wanted to share her products with anyone who was willing to make a purchase.  

Creating a business is challenging. There are the responsibilities of being a student and having to keep up with assignments and then there are the demands of work. Business priorities, which can happen last minute, sometimes lead to stress, sleepless nights and sacrifices.  

 “The hardest thing about this is having money, making money, keeping money,” said Hamm. “ What they don’t tell you about starting a business is you do not really see money until months, or even years.” 

 Any funds Hamm has lost as in the business she sees as an investment in her future. She acts as the founder, manufacturer, distribution, sales representative and customer service representative of her business, with help from family and friends from time to time. 

 With her public relations concentration, Hamm explains how what she has studied has helped her in her business especially when it comes to growing her brand and reaching her customers. Though it is mainly through word of mouth, she also reaches a lot of people through social media. This makes it easier to meet new people. 

 It is true that if you do what you love you never work a day in your life and there is nothing better than being your own boss. Hamm expresses the best thing about being her own boss is the fact that she gets to meet new people and make her customers happy.  

 “I just want everyone to have the skin of their dreams,” said Hamm. 



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