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Ozark’s Final Installment: Season 4

The Netflix original hit show “Ozark” is releasing the final half of season four. Starring Jason Bateman and the famous, “Inventing Anna” leading actress, Julia Garner, “Ozark” tells the story of a businessman caught up in the schemes of his money hungry partner.

Marty Byrde is a fast-talking businessman that is loyal to his cheating wife, Wendy and making a conscious home for his two children, Charlotte and Jonah. The show starts off with the viewers having a glimpse of his lifestyle in comparison to his partner, Bruce, who lives a much wealthier life, later revealing that he, along with a few others, stole eight million dollars in the span of 3 years from the cartel.

Although Byrde is completely oblivious to the crooked side of business and Del Rio’s murderous temper, Byrde proposes to pay back the eight million dollars Bruce stole. By doing this, Byrde decides to liquidate his own personal assets and moves to the Ozarks in central Missouri to launder 500 million dollars to keep his family alive.

In order to save his family from the cartel and his partner’s fate the businessman, Byrde makes a steady deal to launder 500 million dollars in five years, but in order to successfully do this, Marty must show the cartel leader that he can produce eight million dollars’ worth of clean money first.

Throughout the series, Byrde runs into multiple problems. This includes confronting his wife about cheating when he sees a video of his wife and her lover and dealing with a portion of his 8 million dollars being stolen by the Ozark locals, the Langmores. Byrde encounters the FBI as they visit the Ozarks to question him about the disappearance of his late partner, Bruce and his wife, Linda along with the others that were killed by Del.

The audience can expect an emotional rollercoaster while waiting for Byrde and his family to make it through the mess that his partner places upon him as they fight for their lives and steer clear of legal issues.

The creators of the show, Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams intended for this show to be a crime drama series. Jason Bateman, the actor that plays Byrde, serves as a director and executive producer for the series.

“Ozark” has been named one of the seven best new shows on Netflix as of April 2022 by Collider as season 4 serves as the final installment for the series. The final half of the season was released in March and the final episodes will be released on April 29..



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