The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star, Highly Anticipated and Highly Recommended

YouTuber Shane Dawson and makeup beauty brand owner and YouTube star Jeffree Star have collaborated to create another docu-series, this one bigger and arguably better than the one before. Dawson has been posting on Youtube since 2008 and has a following of over 22 million subscribers. His original content ranged from sketch comedy to food reviews but in the past two years has moved to videos about conspiracy theories and multipart hour long docu-series. He has completed multiple of these docu-series on different controversial YouTube stars including Tana Mongue and Jake Paul which led to his collaboration with Jeffree Star.  

Jeffree Star rose to fame in the early 2000’s on MySpace, which launched his music career, he later quit music to launch and become CEO to his own makeup company and line in 2014. 

Dawson and Star have collaborated many times in the past two years where they review products and do makeup tutorials, but none were quite as popular as their first docu-series that had five 30 minute long episodes called The Secret life of Jeffree Star. That is, until now. During the SLOJS series, Dawson and Star tossed around the idea of creating a makeup pallet, but this year decided to make it real instead of just an idea.  

The new series, The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star, is the complete start to finish process of creating a makeup and merchandise brand.  

Each hour-long episode documents from the pitch,to money, to coming up with shade names and colors for the makeup, a logo, etc. all leading up to the final reveal of the pallet and merchandise as well as the release date.  

The official makeup brand #ShanexJeffree has a scheduled launch date of Nov. 1st and is expected to bring Shane in around $10 million, on top of the half a million dollars in sales that the merchandise line brought in early October.  

The series is full of drama and humor that makes this collaboration one of the biggest and best that had loyal subscribers waiting since the beginning of 2019. It also had them practically panting for it by the time the first episode was dropped in early October. It was well worth the wait. Cameraman Andrew Siwiki makes the episodes feel like high budget documentaries.  

The energy when Shane and Jeffree are in the room together keeps the viewers captivated and on the edge of their seats, laughing, crying and learning about what really goes on in the beauty community when creating makeup.  



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