The Feed Unites UWG’s Best Rappers

The WOLF Internet Radio’s fan-favorite show, The Feed had its first-ever standalone event on Oct. 15 at the UWG Campus Center Ballroom. This was the first-ever solo show event out of the WOLF and worked to give exposure to all singers, rappers, and producers at UWG.  

The Feed is a show on The WOLF Internet Radio that brings black culture and entertainment to UWG students. The cast includes five members, including independent artist Meraki Anoir who performed at the event. The Showcase and Cypher included a variety of performances and spoken word pieces. The event brought out outstanding performances from students themselves. 

Photo Credit: Ariana Carter

The members of the show came up with the idea to have this type of event to give independent rappers a chance to freestyle to producers beats or perform their own songs. A cipher is known as an informal gathering between rappers and dancers. 

 In order to pull this off, the members of the show decided to make it a public event where anyone was welcome. The goal for the event was for The Feed to have new artists come onto their show and play some of their beats or songs. 

“I was hoping [the event] would just give people a platform to show off their stuff,” said Donovan Taggart, one of the hosts. “I was just giving everyone on the campus an opportunity to show what they had going on.” 

Photo Credit: Ariana Carter

The event was intimate with dim lighting to make those in attendance feel relaxed and welcomed. Now, in a time where people have social media as their opportunity to showcase their talent, an event like this can be intimidating when all eyes are on them. 

Albion Staggers, professionally known as Meraki Anoir, performed to kick off the event. Aubrion is a creator just like the performers who showed up and she believes opportunities for young creators like this are amazing.  

“I thought this was a great idea, it turned out better than we expected,” said Aubrion. “In the future it should turn into something more than just a cypher because it was good to let other people show off their stuff.”  

A platform to showcase creators is an amazing experience and this event proved that there are hundreds of people doing the same thing but what makes the content stand out from one another is how the performer brings it. 

“We didn’t want it to just be an open mic, we wanted it to be for everyone and we tried to  do that in the showcase part,” said Taggart. “It was an opportunity for producers and artists to network, so if they saw something they liked up there they could talk to one another.” 

For the remainder of the semester, they will be playing artist’s submissions and interviewing up and coming artists. 



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