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The University of West Georgia Hosts the 40th Annual “A Day to Give West”

Since 1982, the university’s annual giving day, “A Day to Give West”, has been celebrated with the Carrollton community and alumni. Each year, faculty, staff, and the community come together to support students of UWG. A Day is an opportunity to interact with donors and express gratitude for all the contributions made to the university.

“A Day to Give West” is divided into two parts each year, the alumni and community campaign, and the faculty and staff campaign.

The community co-chairs are made up of alumni and friends of UWG. One specific community co-chair is Bob Stone, who was a part of the very first “A Day to Give West” fundraiser back in 1982.

In 2021, UWG raised over $1.1 million at the annual “A Day to Give West”.

“This is a way for the university community, Carrollton and the greater West Georgia region to come together to support current and future students,” said Jess Lassiter, the Director of Annual Giving.

“We send emails to alumni, alumni owned businesses and businesses in the West Georgia region,” said Lassiter. “We also call on our faculty and staff to give to whatever area that they feel compelled to give.

“No university has a giving day quite like UWG,” Lassiter continued. “It is such a unique program that engages all of the West Georgia region.”

This is a special day not only for faculty but also for students to receive assistance with their university education.

“It is so humbling every year to get to thank all of our donors,” Lassiter said. “Also, to hear from students being helped due to the generosity of people giving through ‘A’ Day.

“There have been numerous students delivering speeches at various events that talk about the need for scholarships,” Lassiter continued. “I have had many students talk about the impact of giving back and how it has directly affected them and it is very moving.”

“A Day to Give West” benefits students in a variety of ways. It helps address both the students and campus needs by providing support with scholarships. This is an excellent way to make an impression on prospective students who have yet to enroll at the university.

“Our goal this year is to definitely beat last year,” Lassiter said. “We really wanted to see if we could get over the 1.2 mark.”

On the day of the event, colleagues from “A Day to Give West’s” campaign, as well as community volunteers, will travel through Carrollton and Newnan.

“We give out balloons every year, which has been a tradition since 1982,” said Lassiter. “We take balloons to businesses, homes, and individuals that have supported us throughout the campaign.”

This is a way for the university to show appreciation to the community. The balloons represent the individual’s support for the university as well as the university’s support for the community.

This year’s annual “A Day To Give West” will be held on Thursday, Oct. 20.



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