UWG Hosts “Take Back the Night”

“Take Back the Night” is a march that is held every year for students that would like to raise awareness of sexual violence and empower those that were affected. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and UWG is acknowledging this by holding the annual “Take Back the Night” march for students and faculty.

 This year the march will be led from the Oaks Amphitheater to the back of the Campus Center. Students are encouraged to participate and promote to end sexual asault. 

 Ron King, the Assistant Director of Health Education, is the event leader and encourages all students to come and feel empowered with Take Back the Night.

 “This event is to empower students to take back the night and to help put an end to sexual violence on college campuses," says King. “Through this event, we aim to beat the statistic of one and four college women becoming a victim of sexual assault and one and six college men, as well.”

 Students should be aware when attending events like college parties or even walking around campus alone that there is a potential sexual assault could happen. It is encouraged that if someone sees something that they should say something. Sexual violence could come from someone the student knows and the importance of taking proper precautions to stay safe.

 “Through this event, we hope that students will develop healthier behaviors as it relates to sexual violence or any form of violence," says King. “Our biggest turnout was in 2019 when around 500 students came out to support Take Back the Night, and it was a powerful experience.

 “It is important that we help support the survivors and end that stigma and culture of sexual violence,” continued King. “We want to show encouragement to those that were affected, and I would like to see someone say, ‘Those students at West Georgia are taking back the night and making their voices heard.’” 

Due to inclement weather on the original set date for the event, “Take Back the Night” will be rescheduled for a later date. 



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