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UWG Peer Education Holds Alcohol Awareness Week

The week of October 22- 28 is recognized as National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week. The University of West Georgia recognized this week and partnered with Health Services’ Peer Education program to spread awareness on the dangers of alcohol, binge drinking and consequences of drinking under the influence.

            “Alcohol Awareness Week is really important in educating students on alcohol and the effects it can have if used incorrectly,” said Carlie Hill, who serves as a Peer Educator for Peer Education. Peer Educators serve UWG by helping to promote education on various topics such as alcohol, sexual assault prevention, nutrition and wellness. Peer Educators hold informational tables, events around campus and regularly use social media to post informative content.

            Peer Education held a week-long series of events to help students to better understand what having a healthy relationship to alcohol looks like.

            “Monday there was an Alcohol Awareness table in front of the UCC. At the table, Peer Educators provided students on information that revolved around alcohol including pamphlets and other educational material,” said Hill. “The pamphlets show how long alcohol will be in your system according to your weight as well as cups that show one serving of a shot, beer or wine.”

            On Tuesday, an inflatable obstacle course was set up in the Grassy Triangle for students to complete the obstacle course while wearing Drunk Goggles.

            “Drunk Goggles stimulate how it feels when you are impaired and under the influence of alcohol,” said Hill. “The goggles show the alterations that being under the influence creates including blurred vision, double vision and delayed reaction times.”

Wednesday, Peer Education held “Stay Sober Carrollton”, an interactive talk and tabling event where students wrote alternatives they practice instead of drinking. The event focused on the initiative of #UWGChoosesTo, to help students find safe ways to drink responsibly. Students wrote down responses such as choosing to be the designated driver, choosing to stay home and choosing activities without alcohol.

The final event of the week ended on Thursday with Think Fast Trivia. The event was sponsored by ThinkFast, a organization which uses high tech production equipment to aid in different trivia games for students. The company gave away over $140 in Amazon gift cards to those who won various trivia contests.

            “So many students don’t know the potential dangers that alcohol can have. I’m glad we can help share information and keep students safe.”



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