Photo Courtesy of Semrit Pal Kaur Singh

UWG’s Financial Literacy Fitness Club Hosts #ECONreads

The #ECONreads book club is a club that connects the Richards College of Business and the College Arts and Humanities students together. UWG’s Financial Literacy Fitness Club organized four meetings starting at 5:30 p.m. where students could join in-person at the Campus Center Conference Room 105 or online via Zoom.

This semester they discussed the book “When to Rob a Bank”by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. Each student receives a free copy of the book. Students were able to either pick up the book at their office or were able to receive them at the first meeting. If students attend the meetings, there is a chance that they can win different prizes each week. Gift cards are awarded for being an active participant in the group. Seats were very limited for this semester, so each student had to fill out an interest form before attending any of the meetings.

The first meeting was held on Sep. 7 where students were able to introduce themselves and break the ice getting to know the others in the club. The theme of the meetings throughout the semester were centered around “When to Rob a Bank.” Members used these discussions to connect to events in the real world.  

“Students should attend these meetings to interact with other people, make new friends and new connections,” said Semrit Pal Kaur Singh, President of the Financial Literacy Fitness Club. “The main thing about #ECONreads is that students get to think about important topics and can have the experience to join discussions all while explaining their point of views to other people.”

“It’s an activity created to have more interactions with students. It gives them the opportunity to express their opinions and their preferences,” said Singh.

The last meeting of the semester was held on Oct. 19 and each participant received a #ECONreads goody bag and Jimmy John’s sandwiches. Students can get informed on next semesters #ECONreads meetings by following @uwgfinlit Instagram or visiting the UWG website.

When students attend these meetings, it helps them to improve their communication skills. Since students are having to discuss their opinions and preferences on certain topics that are connected to the real world.



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