Who needs the luck of the Irish when you have the Pub?

The Irish Bred Pub will host its 11th annual St. Patrick’s Day party on Mar. 17 and 18. Unlike past years, the party will be a two day event as opposed to one day and will take place on a Friday and Saturday. This gives people the opportunity to take part in the St. Patrick’s Day festivities on Saturday as well, if they were unable to participate on Friday. This is an outdoor event that takes place at the Irish Bred Pub’s establishment on Adamson Square in downtown Carrollton. This two day party will feature all day events and will be welcoming to people of all ages. 

“We’re going to have the whole quad of the square sectioned off,” said Jake Thelen, a bartender at the Irish Bred Pub and Assistant Coordinator of the St. Patrick’s Day Party. “We’re going to have various Irish bands and bagpipers playing, beer stands stationed, there’s going to be free giveaways from hats to koozies to t-shirts.” 

On Saturday the backside of the Pub is where the St. Patrick’s Day festivities will be taking place as opposed to the front side the day before. The Pub has also rented out The Amp, which is a local concert venue and just so happens to be located directly behind the Pub. Along with various beer stations, there will be various bands playing throughout the day, leading up to The Velcro Pygmies, an 80s rock cover band that have made their name well known throughout the country. 

“It’s going to be a fun environment for everyone to come out and listen to some great music and drink green beer, for those over 21,” said Thelen. 

The Pub has had a large influence among UWG students and the Carrollton community since its inception 11 years ago. Students and residents around the area visit the Pub on a daily basis for its food, beverages, atmosphere and staff. The Pub expects to have the biggest turnout of people this year, considering the fact that St. Patrick’s day falls on a Friday and UWG is beginning their Spring Break. 

“We set records every year, and we fully expect this year to be the most populated in terms of people, with UWG starting their spring break and families around the area coming after they get off of work or their children getting out of school, they are going to want to have a cool and fun environment to come and celebrate St. Pattys and that’s what we are providing,” said Thelen.  

The  11th annual St. Patrick’s Day Party at the Pub is providing the people of the Carrollton community with a spot to come out and celebrate. The Pub has been hosting this event every year since their start and will continue to do so, hoping to attract more people every year and expanding for the many years to come.



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