Local restaurant files application to sell alcoholic beverages

Rocky’s Pizza, located at 1027 Maple St. Suite A, has filed an application to sell alcoholic beverages on the premises as a limited pouring license restaurant.  

“We applied for a beer and wine pouring license,” said Rocky Capobianco, student and owner of Rocky’s Pizza.  

Capobianco loves to serve UWG students, but his main focus is on the community as a whole. “We are adding beer and wine to complement our food menu; not to become a place where students come to drink and frolic,” said Rocky. “That’s what downtown is for. 

“We intend to offer a small, but creative menu of popular beers and wines that are best consumed with our quality food,” continued Rocky. “If you are enjoying a pizza, some wings, a calzone or salad, you might want to enjoy a beer or a glass of wine with it. That’s another reason why we want to make it available.” 

Rocky explained that before the application could be processed he had to pay fees. Once the application was processed the City of Carrollton required the restaurant to post a sign up in front of the building stating that they have applied for the license. The sign also stated that a hearing took place on Feb. 17 for the public to attend along with the owners of the restaurant.  

“The hearing was held for anyone who felt as though we should not be allowed for whatever reason to serve beer and wine at our location,” said Rocky.   

The business owner also had to apply for an application with the state. “With this application I had to get fingerprinted and get those sent off to the state,” said Rocky.  

The graduating senior explained that his restaurant will be different from any other restaurant that serves alcoholic beverages. “Once everyone in the Carrollton community realizes that our restaurant is a place where quality food and libations are served, we will be accepted by everyone in the greater Carrollton area that has been looking for what we offer.  

Rocky discussed how he loves and appreciates the university. “It could eventually rival Athens, GA as a cultural center for West Georgia,” said Rocky. “We would like to be considered a part of the cultural development of this great area.  

“We would also like to allow the greater Carrollton community with a place where students, along with people from the community, can feel comfortable and enjoy themselves,” continued Rocky.  

The carrollton native explained that the restaurant will also be showcasing local musicians who will provide entertainment for the diners as well. “There is a need for more development of the art,” said Rocky. “Rocky’s Pizza can be the place where people come to enjoy great food, live entertainment and outdoor games.”  

The entrepreneur constantly asks his customers how the restaurant can better serve them and their responses are taken very seriously. “We intend to make Rocky’s Pizza exactly what Carrollton wants us to be,” said Rocky. 

According to Rocky, the restaurant is still waiting on the state approval. Once the state approves, Rocky’s Pizza will be able to provide everything that the community has been looking for.  




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