UWG fraternity or just a club?

The Alpha Nu Phi house, which is located across from campus, is constantly mistaken as one of the UWG fraternities due to its given name. The Greek letters ANF stands for A Non Fraternity.  

“People do compare us to UWG fraternities even though we are not affiliated with the university or any Greek organization,” said Rocky Capobianco, ANF member. Even though ANF is not affiliated with the university, members of the group participate in intramural sports hosted by the university. “Those of us who are students at the university enjoy competing in intramural sports with other students,” said Rocky.  

Since ANF has been questioned by students from the university about if they are a fraternity associated with the university, they have taken precautions. “We have been talking about changing our group name to 1502 instead of ANF because of people constantly mistaking us for a UWG affiliated group.” 1502 is a part of the street address where the members meet to hang out and conduct meetings.  

“If we are hanging out and someone wants to talk about what we’re doing for spring break or really anything, we make sure to discuss it at our meetings,” said Rocky. “We have a lot of discussions about those kinds of things.” 

Rocky explained that males and females from both the university and the community come to be a part of the group. “From campus, depending on their moods, about 5-15 students would consider themselves a part of ANF,” said Rocky. “We do not have official membership like a fraternity would so it’s hard to say for sure. We are not a closed group so we are always excited to add new friends!” 

The purpose of ANF is to find a group of friends from the university and community who can be consistent throughout the years of being in Carrollton. “The group was born out of the need of people who were comfortable with each other to have a place to hang out and plan fun things to do together,” said Rocky. “For instance, a bunch of us decided to go on a cruise for spring break.” 

Rocky is a senior at the university and stated that ANF started sometime in the Fall of 2015. Before ANF started, Rocky was a part of one of the UWG fraternities. “I was in a fraternity and resigned because all it represented was drinking and etc.” 

“Friendships are so much more than that and building friendships with guys and girls who are my age to help solidify those relationships reflect some of what was missing when I was in a UWG fraternity, which is why I left,” Rocky continued.  

Since Rocky is a senior at the university, he hopes ANF is able to continue. Anybody is allowed to visit 1502 Maple Street on Fridays or Saturdays to hang out. “If it’s fun, then you’re welcome to be a part of our clique,” said Rocky. “We are just a group of people who really enjoy hanging out with each other.”  





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