Photo Courtesy: UWG News

Wolves in India


Photo Courtesy: UWG News
Photo Courtesy: UWG News

       The University of West Georgia chose four students to represent the school in the 25th annual International Economic Convention, which was held in Mumbai, India. The students and professors were able to explore the area as well as make new connections with various people across the world.  

       The UWG team came together and created a phenomenal paper and presentation where they earned the title of second-runner up during the competition. The team of four students managed to represented UWG well by bringing home a trophy after competing against 10 other schools. During the two weeks in Mumbai, the students and professors went sightseeing through the city along with experiencing cultural events such as visiting popular monuments, tourist attractions and interact with the community of 20 million people.  

       “It was surprising,” said Dr. Susana Velez-Castrillon, Associate Professor of Management. “This sounds insane, but I didn’t realize that there is a lot of people and then you realize when you are there what does it mean to have jobs for all of these people. It might be a growing economy, but when you have over 1 billion people to feed it’s going to be very hard to turn around the lives of so many people.”   

       The trip was also great for not only learning about India’s culture and pressing issues, but it gave the students a chance to mingle with other schools from all over the world. It was UWG student Anna Jinks’ favorite part about the trip.  

       “Having lunch with K.C. College was my favorite memory because we all got to compare our cultures,” said Jinks.  

       The trip was a constant learning experience for the students as well as the professors. The UWG team went to India and brought back trophies along with an experience that will leave a mark on their lives forever.  

       One of the representatives and competitors was student KaRa Thompson. Thompson will always remember an idea shared by Dr. Beheruz Sethna, the Regents Professor of Marketing at UWG and President Emeritus.  

       “He gave a speech while we were in India during the competition,” said Thompson. “He was talking about expanding our perspective and how that is the best thing we can do as people in general. Just expand your perspective. That’s the greatest lesson I took from the trip.” 



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