A Letter from the Editor: Fighting Against Faculty Crisis

Dear UWG Students, 

This university has its flaws, but the warm embrace and open-minded environment that the professors at UWG create have made my years here some of the best of my life. The personal connections that our professors go out of their way to instill impact my life in greater ways than even the bestest of friends I’ve made here. That’s why the current crisis with these budget cuts is so devastating. 

I’m writing this letter because these educators helped me grow as a person and become comfortable in a place where I initially felt alone, and you students exemplify true compassion in your protests against what is happening. As this campus continues to grow and add new shiny facilities and attractions to lure prospective students, the top would rather you sit back and stay oblivious to the greyness of these faculty cuts.  

Photo Credit: Jay Luzardo, Times Georgian

Maybe our predecessors would stay in their bubbles and just let this happen, but what truly gives me hope for our future is that us “millennials” refuse to sit back and neglect a crisis like this as something that “just happens.” Instead, you all are protesting, embracing the power and the voice you own, and doing everything you can to stand against these clear wrongdoings.  

For that, I am proud of you all that are committing to preventing these faculty cuts. As simple of a concept as this is, our professors live the same lifestyle and face the same struggles of corporate America that many of us are beginning to struggle with. Investing hours of dedication and hard work for undergraduate degrees, unpaid internships and portfolio building that is promised to be rewarded with secure jobs and successful incomes, followed immediately by graduate school demands and the everyday depressions that come with adulthood. Corporate America thrives through the authoritarian power of the top 1% and sustains itself through the exploitation of people being powerless to do anything except what they’re told. 

That’s why I proclaim all of you to continue fighting for the sake of what’s right, fighting for the rights of our brothers and sisters that educate us, fighting for the sake of empathy compassion for what’s right and fighting to progress our society to one day embrace good moral and human rights over the influence of greed. No matter how miniscule your individual actions may seem, true change will come through unity. 



1 thought on “A Letter from the Editor: Fighting Against Faculty Crisis

  1. Faculty cuts aren’t being enacted lightly and certainly aren’t being enacted because of “greed.” UWG faces severe budget shortfalls due to multiple issues. Chief among these is the continuing drop in enrollment and the new governor demanding cuts across all areas of state government. If you are looking at a thousand or two thousand fewer students, you don’t need as many faculty. Do you intend to save their jobs so they can sit in an empty classroom while being paid? Where do you intend to make up the lack in funds? Even if they were approved, which they aren’t, would you be willing to levy more fees or higher tuition? I’m betting not. This is a complex issue that should be solved by those in the know and not by those whose professor’s have stoked into a frenzy of outrage.

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