Alpha Pack Kickball Tournament

The UWG Recreations Department, also known as UREC, is hosting an Alpha Pack Kickball Tournament on Thursday, Oct. 24. The tournament is going to be held at the intramural field 13 near the football stadium from 6 p.m to 8 p.m. 

This event is a one day tournament and is free for all students to come out and enjoy themselves for a couple of hours. 

 “This is the first time that the kickball tournament will be successful,” said Lucy Caples, Graduate Assistant for UREC. “Last year was our first year doing it and it got rained out.” 

Caples’ hopes that last year’s outcome will not be the same as this year. She wants as many UWG students as possible to come out and enjoy themselves.  

“Come on out, call your friends, get them out here, have a good time,” said Caples. “It’s completely free, and it’s open so there are no gender requirements.” 

She wants this tournament to allow anyone to play no matter who they are and how many people they have. UREC is also hosting another Alpha Pack Tournament with Bump Soccer on Nov. 14. 

Bump Soccer is a twisted version of soccer where players are inside giant bubbles with the same goal in mind. There will be two teams of five players competing head to head to win prizes. 

Photo Credit: UWG Recreation

UREC also has recreational league sports for students who seek a more competitive experience. These sports include soccer, volleyball, flag football and a climbing wall competition. These competitive sports do require a $25 per team fee to join, all except for the climbing wall competition which is free to all UWG students. 

“They are more competitive in the fact that you are versing other teams in your division,” said Caples. “And depending on your record and your sportsmanship level, you’ll be pushed on to playoffs where you’ll play everyone else.”  

The recreational league sports run on a sportsmanship policy where players are rated on a scale from one to four. If a player does not average sportsmanship level of at least three during the regular season, they will not be allowed to play in the playoffs. 

Player’s sportsmanship level can vary due to good or bad behavior, forfeits and defaults. The sportsmanship scale creates a friendly environment for all UWG students to play fair and have fun. 

“Our goal at UREC is to promote healthy lifestyles, inclusion, diversity, and making sure everyone has an opportunity to play,” said Caples. 



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