Atlanta is back to continue its award winning run

The FX show Atlanta is back for its second season. Trying to live up the to the hype season one built after winning a Golden Globe award for best show. Lead actor Donald Glover, a native of Atlanta, also won the Golden Globe for best actor in a comedy series.  

        Season two continues to see the show being unpredictable. Atlanta has always kept viewers anxious with its unpredictability. This continues as season two begins with two teens talking about video games and sports drinks, who then proceed to rob a fast food restaurant. This scene is used to setup the theme of season two which is “Robbin Season.” The term is used later in the episode and expected to be referenced throughout the season to connect all of the episodes.  

        The show picks up right where it left off in regards to the main characters. Glover’s character, a homeless person named Earn, is getting kicked out of the storage unit he was seen sleeping in at the end of season one.  

        Earn’s cousin Paper Boi is a successful rapper in the Atlanta area. He and his roommate Darius are sitting on the same couches from season one and having the same funny conversations, while not taking rapping serious.  

        The duo also have added a new dynamic to their already fantastic chemistry. Tracy, an old friend of Paper Boi, is staying with him after being released from prison. This puts Earn in a tough situation as his last option for a place to stay has been taken from him. Tracy seems like a great addition to the Atlanta  cast as he brings a new humor to the show.  

        The show continues the theme of feeling unpredictable as the episode sees Earn trying to help his uncle get out of a tough situation that involves the police and an alligator. The episode also shows Earn realizing that he has to make changes in his life which will likely serve as motivation going forward.  

         Season two is shaping up to be great follow-up to the award winning first season. With the “Robbin Season” theme continuing throughout it should add a factor that will connect all of the episodes together. Glover and company should be on the way to another great year if the first episode is any indication.  



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