Bagels Out. Burritos In.

          Mexican cuisine will soon be a dining option on campus at UWG.
          Einstein Bros. Bagels, located by the campus bookstore at 301 West Georgia Avenue, will soon be under construction for renovation to accommodate a new authentic Mexican restaurant, Lobos. This new addition to UWG’s dining options will fulfill many college students’ wishes for more variety on campus. Construction and renovations are to start immediately.
          UWG’s Planning and Construction Services are in charge of leading the project’s renovation process. They will determine the adequate restorations that Lobos needs in order to better serve Carrollton students and residents with their popular, new coming cuisine. Director of Campus Dining at UWG, John Lyons, confirmed that Lobos will open as soon as all renovations are completed. The latest opening date would be the beginning of Spring semester 2019. 
           Auxiliary Services at UWG consistently conduct surveys and hold focus group meetings to obtain insight on what students think about the overall dining experience on campus.
          “Students frequently discuss the quality, cleanliness and the lack of variety in dining options on campus,” said Lyons. “Mexican food is steadily among the very top of selections wishing to be added to UWG’s dining on campus,” Lyons also said.
           Students voice that a Mexican themed restaurant is missing from UWG’s dining options, making Lobos a convincing choice to fill Einstein Bros. Bagel Company’s vacancy. 
           Lobos seems to be a perfect addition to campus dining with its reasonable and realistic prices appealing to the average college student willing to pay for convenient, Mexican food.
           Lyons denotes, “The price point at Lobos will be designed to fit within the budget that students indicate they would spend on this type of food in regard to quality, cleanliness and location.” 
          The addition of a vent hood is in the works to enable more widespread cooking, along with the reconfiguration of the service counter to promise speedy, quality service. Both of these things will be successfully installed or enhanced before the grand opening. These additions and improvements can empower the success and satisfaction of the new restaurant in the heart of campus. 
           Lyons remarks on positive factors the new restaurant will bring the student body and Carrollton community. Lyons said,
         “The restaurant will add variety to the options on campus which is always a good thing. Variety is consistently among the top areas identified in surveys needing improvement regarding campus dining.”
          Along with any anticipated restaurant opening comes eagerness, excitement and hopes for ultimate success.With the convenient centralized location of this new restaurant, Carrollton commuters and students will now be able to show their love for Mexican cuisine not only off campus, but on it as well. 



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