Can we Save the Internet?

Carrollton has yet another fun attraction in town with the recent opening of Lock City Escape Games. Located on Highway 27, Lock City hosts groups of friends to gather in a room and solve a series of puzzles using clues, hints and intuition to accomplish a fictional objective. 

        Lock City currently offers one game called The Hacker’s Lair. This puzzle places the visitors in the shoes of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) dispatched to Carrollton to investigate a hacker from the world-famous hacking organization, Anonymous.  

         The game takes place in the hacker’s bedroom in the basement of his mother’s house, and begins with a recorded message from the hacker that he fled the country and is uploading a massive computer virus that will shut down the Internet as we know it. The team of guests turned GBI investigators have one hour to solve the puzzles, crack the case and stop the virus from taking over the world’s computers. The game currently has approximately a 50 percent success rate, and the record is 23 minutes. 

         Neko Farmer, the owner/operator of Lock City, found his inspiration through an escape room he went to years ago and through his own tech company.  

         “I have always been really involved in technology, and a few years ago I went to an escape room with some friends and it was some of the most fun I’ve ever had,” said Farmer. “I’ve wanted to open one ever since. I know the tech industry so well and I thought a lot of people would find the hacker theme interesting. I know the mind of a hacker.” 

         The game keeps guests on their toes and offers many puzzles they need to solve within an hour and stop the uploading of the virus. The group will need to solve some puzzles as a team while some individuals will be able to solve certain puzzles themselves. Those looking for an entertaining time that will exercise the mind will enjoy visiting Lock City. 

         Farmer currently only offers one game but plans to expand and create another scenario.  

         “I’m going to make the next theme a heist at a jewelry store, and the guests will be the bad guys this time,” said Farmer. “They will have to solve puzzles and escape the jewelry store before the alarm gets set.” 

         Lock City will keep viewers guessing what will happen next and wondering when they will solve the puzzle. Admission for Lock City is $20 per person. Farmer offers admission of $13 for UWG students as well as military and first responders. Appointments can be made at 



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