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UWG Homecoming Royalty Announced

Seniors Destinee Swain and Karson Cabe were announced as UWG Homecoming Royalty on the 2021 UWG Homecoming Court. Destinee Swain was announced as A Day Ambassador, with both girls titled as Homecoming Royalty.

The UWG Homecoming Court consists of candidates who will represent various organizations on campus. Once elected to the Homecoming Court they must submit a resume and write an essay on why they chose to come to UWG and what it has meant to them. Each candidate will have to select an organization of their choice in order to raise money to donate to.

This year the candidates combined raised over $30,000 dollars for various organizations.

“I chose to raise money for the general scholarship fund because I am a first generation college student,” said Cabe. “It means alot to me because this scholarship has helped me tremendously and I want it to be able to help other future students.”

Each candidate has someone of their choice escort them down the field. As they are being escorted different facts about the candidate were stated. Cabe was escorted by Don Norton, who is Cabe’s boyfriend’s father.

“My dad passed away from brain cancer when I was 11 and my grandfather who normally escorts me was unable to attend this year,” said Cabe. “It meant a lot to me that Brooks’ dad stepped up and was willing to share that special moment with me.”

Cabe’s mom was able to sit back and enjoy watching her daughter during such a special moment of her college career.

“To me homecoming queen is someone who is an overall well representative of the university and role model for young girls,” said Cabe.

Cabe is currently involved in Greek life, has over 100 Community service hours and is actively involved in her community. She volunteers with the Girls Empowering Movement (GEM). GEM is a statewide initiative program for middle school girls to improve fitness levels, promote long-term health, and to enhance emotional well-being. Cabe plans on continuing to help her community and hopes to use her title as homecoming queen in order to do so.

“I mainly came to West Georgia because I knew there would be a lot of opportunities for me to get involved and be able to help the community I am in,” said Cabe.



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