Photo courtesy of Freedom Drive-In

Freedom Drive-In Concert Follows Social Distancing

The Freedom Drive-In off Bankhead Highway, just had their first Drive-In Concert on March 12 with Carrollton native and country singer, Noah Hicks as performer of the night.

          When the Drive-In Concert experience was first announced there was concern about how to handle safety measures with COVID-19. How were they going to be able to make this happen while allowing their customers to stay safe and socially distance themselves while enjoying live music?

          “With this concert, and our other ones coming up, you have your own personal tailgate spot right beside your car,” said Owner of Freedom Drive-In, Patrick Thompson. “This allows families and groups of friends the freedom to stretch their legs, walk around and also enjoy the music being played with people you love and care about. I’m personally really excited about this opportunity because it’s another way for drive-ins to allow people to be safe and enjoy themselves without putting themselves or others at risk.”

          Many people were standing on top of tailgates of trucks as well as on top of cars. Many people enjoyed this newfound way to watch live music. People were singing along to the music and smiling in the crowd. Individuals attending the concert also had the opportunity to order food from the concession stand and have it delivered to their tailgate spot by the staff. Freedom Drive-In is very cautious with COVID-19 Guidelines as well as allowing their community to enjoy movies and now live music.

          “The cool lights, the awesome country music and the amazing friends I went with really made the night so much fun,” said UWG student, Bailey Williams. “It was really reassuring knowing that I was able to enjoy live music again, all while being able to stay safe from others that also wanted to enjoy live music again. It’s honestly been so long, and it was really a great feeling and experience being able to enjoy it once more.”

          Their next concert lined up is March 28 and features Zach Williams, Mac Powell and CAIN. Many of the individuals in the Carrollton community enjoyed the live music and overall experience, allowing the Freedom Drive-In to book more concerts for this upcoming summer season.



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