Good Neighbor Lends a Helping Hand to the Carrollton Community

Fear not, as the local business Good Neighbor is to the rescue, providing catering services for the holiday season.

Micah Noel

Dirty dishes, an overcooked casserole and a brother-in-law stealing a slice of pie. As Thanksgiving swiftly approaches, families all over the community have been preparing for one of the most important meals of the year. A holiday meant for gratitude and family has easily been replaced by the pressures of cooking the perfect meal and dealing with your extended family. Fear not, as the local business Good Neighbor is to the rescue, providing catering services for the holiday season.

“Good Neighbor Meals is a stop-in ready-to-eat or reheat business, where you simply walk through the door, check out our coolers, and find something you would like for breakfast, lunch, or dinner,” says Co-owner Whitney Berry.

The small business’ roots began years prior at a rehearsal dinner. Co-owner Josh McCorsley was catering the event, while co-owner Whitney Berry was the bride-to-be. The pair found common ground as both had been small business owners. McCorsley, with a background in the culinary arts, had cooked and owned many food-related businesses. 

Berry’s business expertise stems from owning various gyms across the state. They decided to stay in touch after the dinner when Berry discovered McCoursley doing meal pickups post-Covid. The venture was picking up speed, and Berry knew that with both their talents, the idea could go far. 

“I saw this need for a storefront in West Georgia,” says Berry. “After a number of conversations, we decided it would be a really good partnership to go in together for Good Neighbor.”

One of the star services the business provides is holiday catering. For any major holiday, the Good Neighbor team will mix and match entrees and sides for families of various sizes. Thanksgiving is one of the first holidays the company has done this type of service dating back to the company’s infancy. 

“Before we even opened the storefront, our very first thing was Thanksgiving,” Berry continues. “So we did our Thanksgiving pre-orders before…opening that location a week after Thanksgiving two years ago.  

The menu, posted in mid-October, features an array of holiday classics such as Turkey, dressing, and Mac-and-Cheese. The creation of the menu involves customer and employee favorites to create the ultimate holiday meal. 

“We wanted to offer a variety of meals and sides so that people can either a la carte, choose what they wanted, or say I want the whole complete Thanksgiving dinner,” says Berry. 

To the average person, the plethora of orders the company receives every year can seem rather stressful. Luckily, Good Neighbor has a tried and true system that ensures customers receive their orders on time. The company begins preparing for the holiday in August, ensuring all orders will be ready for pickup on Nov. 21 and 22. 

“We really strive to source the best products for our meals,” Berry states. “We are very picky about every single ingredient.”

Good Neighbor has two locations, one in Bremen and one in Carrollton. For more information on Good Neighbor, visit their Facebook page. 

 “Without the incredible support of the West Georgia community, we would not be where we are today, and we are just grateful for all the support we received,” says Berry.