Photo Courtesy of Jared Yamamoto

Howl for Joy: UWG alum Jared Yamamoto returns for Media Day

Photo Courtesy of Jared Yamamoto

The Researcher and Content Producer of The Von Haessler Doctrine, the fastest-growing radio show in America, will be appearing as a panelist at the UWG Department of Mass Communications’ Media Day.  

        UWG alum Jared Yamamoto currently works for the largest news talk radio station in the country, WSB. He is a researcher, content producer and voice on The Von Haessler Doctrine. Right now The Von Haessler Doctrine is known for its light hearted yet informative style. Yamamoto is also a proud West Georgia alumni. 

         “I fell in love with the university quickly and made friends out there,” said Yamamoto. “So West Georgia holds a dear place in my heart now.”  

         While at West Georgia Yamamoto was a morning host for The Morning Howl, a show on The WOLF Internet Radio. From there he went on to host a show called Sports in Goods for a year, but he always wanted to do talk radio, so he started his own show his senior year at UWG.  

         “I always wanted to do talk radio at some point so I started up Jared Yamamoto’s power hour my senior year,” said Yamamoto. “That ended up being a lot of fun and landed me a job in Atlanta.”   

         Yamamoto graduated from UWG with a degree in Mass Communications and a minor in Political Science. Before graduating he did an internship with iHeart Radio’s 640 WGST. In May of 2012, the internship turned into a job when iHeart Radio’s 640 WGST offered Yamamoto a full time job as an associate producer for The Rob and Dave Show. Yamamoto would not graduate until July of 2012 so he was working two jobs, one at Delta Airlines and one at iHeart Radio’s 640 WGST, while finishing up his summer classes. 

         “I was averaging four hours of sleep a night and living off caffeine at the time,” said Yamamoto. “I was trying to make things happen. I was trying to make my dream come true.”  

          In September of 2012 WGST changed formats from a news talk radio station to a sports talk radio station and fired everyone on the staff. Luckily for Yamamoto, WSB was hiring at the time. In November of 2012 WSB offered Yamamoto a full time job as a overnight board operator. He had to start down lower in the totem pole at WSB than he was at WGST, but he still saw it as a great opportunity for his career.  

         “It ended up being a blessing in disguise because WSB was hiring at the time. They were looking for two new board operators over night,” said Yamamoto. “I got really lucky and that’s how I landed my job with WSB.”  

         Yamamoto worked hard when he got to WSB in 2012 and was able to climb the ranks of WSB in an impressive style. In February of 2013 he was promoted from board operator to associate producer for The Adam Goldfein Show. In May of 2013 he was hired to be associate producer of Atlanta’s Evening News with Eric Erickson. Then in December of 2013 he was promoted to Executive Producer of Atlanta’s Evening News with Eric Erickson 

         “Talk about a climb..2013 was a great year,” said Yamamoto. “I was grinding trying to make everything happen at WSB and over time it payed off. Especially in 2013.”  

         Yamamoto reamined executive producer of Atlanta’s Evening News with Eric Erickson until January 1st, 2015 when he was offered a job as Researcher and Content Producer on the nationally syndicated Hermain Cain Show. That same year The Von Haessler Doctrine launched on WSB on Sundays. Yamamoto was not only the Researcher and Content Producer for the Von Haessler Doctrine, but also a voice on the show. On January 3rd of 2017 The Von Haessler Doctrine was moved to weekdays filling an hour slot after The Herman Cain Show, leaving Yamamoto to produce two shows back to back.  

         “I was working for both Hermain Cain and Eric Von Haessler at the same time,” said Yamamoto. “We were kinda creating a baby on the side with Von Haessler.”  

         In October of 2017 The Von Haessler Doctrine and The Hermain Cain Show swapped places providing The Von Haessler Doctrine with a two hour long show. At that point Yamamoto was 100 percent committed to The Von Haessler Doctrine and stopped working on The Hermain Cain Show. Since launching, The Von Haessler Doctrine has become the fastest growing radio show in America.  

         “If you would have told me the show would grow this fast I would have laughed at you,” said Yamamoto. “Ever since we’ve launched, we’ve been number one in ratings which is unbelievable.” 

         Yamamoto has been invited to Media Day before, but this is his first year as a panelist. He to is thrilled to come back to West Georgia where his radio career began.   

         “I’m always excited to come back to West Georgia to hang out for Media Day and see some of my old professors and old friends,” said Yamamoto. “I have a policy, I always come back to Carrolton at least twice a year. That is for one football game and for Media Day.”  



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