Meet Coblin Lublink: UWG’s Student Head Athletic Photographer

Colton Lublink was officially named the University of West Georgia’s Head Athletic Photographer this week and will now be in charge of producing action shots regularly for the UWG sports teams.  

Colton Lublink is currently a senior at UWG and has been given an opportunity of a lifetime to be the official photographer the athletic teams on campus. The UWG’s Athletic Director hired Lublink based on the type of photography he has produced over the past few years. Colton has freelanced for a couple of years now and is a well known photographer on campus.  

Colton Lublink, Lead Photographer of the UWG Athletics program.


He has an Instagram feed devoted to his profession called “Shoot.your.Shot”. Lublink’s eye for good sun exposure, medium contrast, and individual editing effects has allowed him to really change the way athletics is being perceived here on campus.  

“I knew athletic photography was in my future but I was not sure how,” said Lublink. 

Colton produced a video for the football team last year highlighting some of their strengths on the field, and was hopeful it would add to his portfolio as an up and coming photographer. He gained a lot of support from that video and started to become excited about what people were saying in regards to his work. Lublink has loved sports from childhood and being able to take pictures of the student athletes is what he calls a dream come true. 


The Wolves’ Football team practices drills. Photography credit: Colton Lublink.


When I was a freshman three years ago I was just hoping to take pictures of a couple of his friends, and now I have been blessed with the opportunity to do all of this, it’s so much bigger than I ever imagined,” said Lublink. 

Colton is excited to have a positive impact on his peers, and feels like this new job will give him that opportunity. The senior, from Gwinnett County Georgia, talks highly of the honor. 

“It’s exciting to be doing work for the University, I love because then it doesn’t  even feel like work anymore, it just fuels my passion,” said Lublink. 

He hopes to help others realize that if they work hard they can reach their dreams as well. 

“I am aware that I have a chance to influence people everyday and I want them to realize there is opportunity in working hard and thinking positively towards the future,” said Lublink. 

Lublink plans on this being the beginning of his future in photography and is ready to work hard and give his all to every team he captures on film. He uses many different techniques to get the best pictures he can for the athletes he portrays and cannot wait to jump into this season of sports that ranges from softball, volleyball, soccer, and football. 

 “We all have the ability to do what we love but it’s all in the actions we take to get there,” said Lublink.  


Football player looks back. Photography credit: Colton Lublink.



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