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Opinion: Latest Update on the War in Ukraine

On Feb. 24, Russia began its invasion into Ukraine. At the time of publication on March 10, Ukraine has continuing its fight against Russia.

President Vladimir Zelenskyy has begun fighting among his citizens, leaving no man left behind. Zelenskyy was asked by United States President Joe Biden if he would like to be taken to a safe place where he could go unharmed. Zelenskyy responded to this message saying he “needed ammo, not a ride”

Russia has stated its reason for invading Ukraine is to recreate the Soviet Union. Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, is having his country be hit by many sanctions. On March 8, the United States dropped a sanction on Russia’s oil, one of the primary sources of oil for the United states. This has led gas prices to continue to increase around the U.S. with the average price of gas being $4.33 per gallon according to

On top of sanctions being placed on Russia, many companies are pulling their businesses out of Russia or simply stopping their business activities temporarily. Companies such as McDonald’s, Starbucks and Shell have temporarily suspended their operations in Russia according to CBS news.

There are citizens who are joining the fight using Russian equipment according to @aaronparnas6 on Tiktok. Aaron Parnas has family overseas in Ukraine and are providing him with updates as they are aware of them. Many citizens have been stealing Russian tanks, weapons and much more as they become available from the fallen soldiers. Zelenskyy recently passed a law stating that those who have taken Russian war equipment will not be taxed on the equipment. Zelenskyy also passed a law that states any citizen who kills Russian soldiers will not be on trial for the murder as it was done in the act of war.

Over 3,000 Americans have volunteered to aid Ukraine in their fight. These Americans are among 16,000 others from various countries who are coming to Ukraine’s side in their time of need.

            In what seems like a desperation to save face, China has begun providing aid to Ukraine according to The Wall Street Journal. China has been closer to Russia in recent years, leading many theorists to believe they are only doing so to show solidarity with Ukraine even though their intentions are not just. 

            At this moment, Ukraine seems to be winning their fight in the war. Russian tanks are being bombed by Ukrainian planes, exploding on their grounds. Many citizens are taking back their cities and are fighting these fascists. The state of this war is changing every minute of every day. Ukraine may come out the winner after all.



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