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Opinion: Russia Strategically Targets Ukraine Civilians

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s thirst for war has expanded to the innocent people of Ukraine. After several devastating attacks in Ukraine, it is clear that Putin is targeting civilians in the war. According to a CNN article, there have been nearly 600 deaths and over 1,000 casualties, hitting Ukrainian civilians overwhelmingly hard by Russia’s strong forces.

Putin has launched several strategic strikes within the war that have targeted innocent people. Russian forces have been erupting in an onslaught of military strikes since the invasion’s beginning on Feb. 24. Because of these vicious attacks, the citizens of Kyiv have faced tremendous pain and loss. Earlier this month, an evacuation route in a Kyiv suburb was attacked by Russian forces, leaving a family dead in the street along with other casualties from the strike.

“They continue to ruin our infrastructure, our life, which we have built, and our parents, and grandparents, many generations of Ukrainians. We repeat every day — close the skies over Ukraine,” said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in a Facebook broadcast on March 6.

Russians carried out another attack on March 13 in Mariupol, killing approximately 2,200 civilians, according to CNN. The city has also lost plenty of its resources trapping its citizens with barely any chance of survival. Russians have also surrounded the city’s borders and threatened to kill those trying to evacuate. With this devastating attack, Putin’s tyranny of Ukrainian civilians has reached its highest peak since the beginning of the war.

The attack on Mariupol was a strategic way to kill civilians of Ukraine. Earlier in the war, Ukrainians tried to flee their borders but were stopped by Russian forces. Ukrainian leaders announced that Mariupol would be the next gateway for evacuation. Mariupol was soon attacked after the evacuation effort began. Children and mothers lost their lives during the assault.

Putin has proven to be an incredibly untrustworthy head of power with an array of questionable actions. Putin is not only attacking Russian civilians but he is also detaining three Americans. The captives were caught from the start of the war and have been held for several weeks according to CNN and NPR.

Trevor Reed, a former U.S. Marine, has suffered the most physical ailments out of the three. Reed is reportedly showing signs of tuberculosis, such as coughing up blood and maintaining a fever of over 100 degrees. Russian authorities have been accused of not treating Reed’s symptoms and confining him to solitude. Americans have urged for the captives’ freedom to no avail. Many Americans, including Reed’s parents have begun protesting Russia for his release.

Putin has also shown carelessness with the lives of his citizens. He ordered the arrest of all anti-war protesters in Russia. Droves of Russian citizens have been mercilessly arrested after loudly protesting the war against Ukraine. If Putin cannot be trusted with the safety of his own people then he certainly cannot be trusted to maintain the lives of Ukrainian civilians. Putin’s attack on Ukrainian civilians continues with no signs of ceasing anytime soon. Many people have shared their condolences for Ukraine with some helping to protest the war and others helping to aid the disparities. NATO has also responded to the war by supplying Ukraine with resources according to a recent NPR news article. The organization has also called on Russia for a cease-fire. Ukraine citizens are doing their best to stay



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