Paishence Collier Jumps National Provisional Mark

Paishence Collier, a track and field athlete from the University of West Georgia, sets a new record with a 5.95m (19-6) jump at the University of South Carolina (USC) indoor meet. Collier now ranks first in the Gulf South Conference (GSC) for indoors and eighth in Division II, hitting a national provisional mark.

Collier’s first full year competing in both indoor and outdoor after the aftermath of COVID was last year, resulting in a trial-and-error process before breaking many personal records. She began long jumping in her senior year of high school and has made remarkable progress over time.

“My goal for the most part is nattys (Indoor National Meet) for sure,” said Collier. “I have been here for the past four years and through the obstacles, I am at a place where nationals shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Once I get to a certain place, I feel like I can advance my talent to a different level,” Collier continued.

Collier has set many goals with two indoor meets left before the big day, including the USC meet held this weekend, Feb. 3-4, and the GSC championships, Feb. 15-16.

“I feel like I am going to get another big jump when we go to South Carolina which will seed me even higher in the ranks of top 10,” said Collier. “I definitely think I can be in the high 20s for sure if I keep grinding the way I am.”

Collier holds UWG indoor records in four events, the 200 meter, 400 meter, long jump and 4×4 relay. While earning her Master’s Degree in the fall, she plans to use her last year of eligibility to continue her journey on the track at UWG. 

“With the talent and dedication that I have, I definitely have a huge chance in going pro whether that is in the U.S. [United States] or overseas,” said Collier. “Dream big because I’m not dreaming small.”

It took hard work and dedication for her to get to where she is now.

“I have been putting in the work, being consistent, hydrating and going outside of hours while still training,” Collier said. “I can’t only give myself thanks but thanks to God for how I’m continuing to progress within the program.”

With outdoor fast approaching, she intends to improve her long jump, 200 meter, and relay times. She could potentially qualify for nationals in the long jump and break her outdoor personal record of 19-4.

“I think qualifying for outdoor nationals will be a little more challenging but not impossible,” said Collier.

Collier maintains a positive attitude throughout training, striving to be the best athlete she can be.

“I lock in and visualize myself doing things before I go into a meet,” Collier said. “Your mindset can’t just be looking at your competition and how they may do today.

“You have to go in and compete for you,” Collier continued. “I know another big jump is coming. Everything is falling into line, I’m going to nationals.”



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