Printer’s Ale Present Beer Yoga

Printer’s Ale Manufacturing Company hosted their monthly Beer Yoga class on Sunday, January 27, 2019, at the brewery.  

Beer Yoga is the term coined by Brooke Larson in 2014. It is a form of yoga that is performed or practiced in breweries and taprooms where participants do yoga while they have a beer, or save the beer for after. 

“Beer Yoga is a way to get people to do two really cool things,” said taproom manager Matt Tapley. “You get to have a really great session with the teacher here and then afterwards you have that last bit of relaxation by having one of our beers.”  

Printer’s Ale attempted to host Beer Yoga last summer but due to the instructor leaving and a lack of location, it slowly dissipated. According to Tapley, they hope that Springtime will be the best time for it. 

            “We can have the classes out in the yard and we now have a lot of space for it,” said Tapley.    

Stephanie Mitchell, owner of the mobile yoga studio, The Rolling Mat, is the instructor of Beer Yoga at Printers Ale, but this is not her first time teaching beer yoga in Georgia. 

“I started teaching Beer Yoga at different breweries in Marietta and Atlanta and we reached out to Printer’s Ale to see if they would be interested,” Mitchell said. “I love doing this because it brings a sense of community and breweries are a great place for it because they are small businesses and I like to support them. They typically have a great space for it both indoor and outdoor and what’s better than a workout and a beer after.” 

Though this month’s session only had three partakers, Printer’s Ale has seen an attendance up to twelve in previous sessions. Mitchell states that Beer Yoga is great for people who are just beginning or are intimidated by the practice. 

“It’s a great atmosphere because it’s loose and fun and everyone kind of cuts up with each other, and it’s nothing super serious aside from being serious enough to be safe,” said Mitchell. 

Printer’s Ale has their monthly Beer Yoga sessions on the last Sunday of every month. According to Mitchell, the classes will be offered as long as there is a demand for it. The cost is $15 which will pay for an hour-long yoga session and a pint of beer afterward, however, participants must be twenty-one or over.  



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