City Station’s Health and Beauty Expo Comes to Carrollton

Citizens of Carrollton were invited out to City Station’s Health and Beauty Expo event last Saturday afternoon, Jan. 19. 


At the Health and Beauty Expo there were dermatologists exfoliating faces and threading eyebrows, vendors selling their jewelry and make-up and promoting healthy living through eating habits. The event also had door prizes and a lot of food for the guests. 


One of the more unique booths at the event was about healthy drinking water. The display showed the PH of acid and alkaline. Acid is at a P.H. of 4.5 and alkaline at 9.5, which is where our drinking water should be. However, most of the water on display that we drink on a daily basis, like Dasani or Aquafina, were at a P.H. of 5 or lower.  


Allison McNease, an alkaline water distributor and advocate at the display table, spoke highly of the alkaline water. 


 “It detoxifies the body and helps inflammation,” stated McNease. “It’s an antioxidant.” 


Another booth at the Health and Beauty Expo that piqued interest was a jewelry booth called Kim’s Jazzy Jewels.   


The consultant and advocate of this particular display table, Kimberly Wilson, sells fashionable necklaces, earrings, and bracelets at a low price. 


“The whole idea is to empower women and give you financial freedom,” said Wilson. “It’s not about $5 jewelry, it’s about how you feel when you put on the jewelry.” 


Although there was a small turnout, the women who came and participated learned and bonded a lot. 



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