Rick and Morty Makes Long Awaited Return

The wait is finally over for all-new episodes of the raunchy hit show Rick and Morty. The Adult Swim original is back for its fourth season with new action-packed adventures and dimensions for Rick and Morty to explore. 

The series premiered on Dec 2, 2013, and was co-created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. Following the end of the third season in Oct 2017, the future of the hit show was unknown, with no public announcement of renewal. 

 In May 2018, after prolonged contract negotiations, Adult Swim announced a long-term deal that will have 70 new episodes over an unspecified number of seasons. The creators hope that the 70 episode deal will reduce the waiting time in-between seasons. 

 There was a two-year gap between season three and season four, which made fans upset because they wanted to see new content. 

In Oct 2019, it was revealed that there would only be ten new episodes of Rick and Morty. Five of them are officially airing beginning on Nov 10, and the other five to be aired at a later date. 

Image Courtesy of Adult Swim

Rick and Morty is an animated series about a grandpa and grandson teaming up to go on wild and unexpected adventures. Rick Sanchez, a discouraged, alcoholic, abusive lunatic, who likewise happens to be a mad scientist with the capability to travel through different dimensions and time, comes back to his daughter Beth’s life following two years of speaking to each other. 

 Rick discovers her wedded to an incompetent, pathetic man named Jerry. The couple has two young children. Summer is an insubordinate youngster hoping to have more friends at school, and Morty, the younger child, is an anxious, quiet, and polite boy. 

 Rick makes Morty his sidekick and takes him on comical interdimensional undertakings, causing poor Morty to turn out to be steadily miserable and hopeless because of Rick’s crazy, damaging, and indiscreet demeanor. 

Fans can watch the first five new episodes every Sunday at 11:30 p.m. until Dec 8. Once the season is complete fans can stream the new season and past seasons on Hulu. 



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