Sax, Bass and Dollar Bills: Masego Graces Atlanta with Superb Performance

Few musicians have graced me with a performance as exciting as Masego’s April 12 visit to the Tabernacle. The musician’s “You Never Visit Me” tour offered a variety of experiences for the audience that surpassed music alone.

Alanna King

Few musicians have graced me with a performance as exciting as Masego’s April 12 visit to the Tabernacle. The musician’s “You Never Visit Me” tour offered a variety of experiences for the audience that surpassed music alone. His fun and talented interactive style set a new standard for my show-going ventures.

Masego integrated several unique elements to his performance that created a well-versed experience for his audience. He featured a live drum, bass guitar and keyboard player along with his own saxophone and vocal performances. 

The singer also produced his own beats while on stage with a combination of keyboard and electronic elements. He switched between his instruments and voice nearly simultaneously throughout the show, keeping me surprised at eachtwist and turn. The result was music ranging from rock to hip hop to r&b to jazz. Each musician brought their own established style and talents while cohesively jamming, grooving and creating.

Beyond having the pleasure of witnessing the swirl of creativity amongst the band, another one of my favorite aspects of this concert was seeing the audience participation. 

Masego interacted with the audience often which gave the show a curated,one-of-a-kind feel that was deeply appreciated. He threw roses, money and merchandise intothe pit, causing the crowd to move about and interact with each other. He chose a woman from the crowd to bring onto the stage and serenaded her with his voice and a pleasant, yet stunning saxophone solo. Masego often gave lines to the audience to sing as back-up vocals or choir-like chants.

While the tour promoted Masego’s newest self-titled album, the singer included a variety of songs for audiences to groove to. He started the night off strong with “Queen Tings” and went on to perform crowd-pleasers like “Mystery Lady” and “Navajo” while also incorporating OG favorites such as “Flight 99” and “Good & Plenty.” He even sang a cover of Outkast’s “Ms. Jackson” which was a fantastic choice for this Atlanta crowd. Masego ended the night with thebeloved “Tadow” which, after a double encore, left the crowd seething for more.

While Masego’s performance was stunning, it can hardly be expected that the artist, who prides himself on genre-bending, would settle for anything less. Masego houses much inspiration within his musical repertoire according to Shore Fire Media, from his Jamaican birth and a nomadic childhood, to his upbringing in the church that introduced him to music, to his college days spent breaking through as a music artist, falling in love with women and the music he missed out on during his sheltered up-bringing.

While Masego’s persona represents a sexy and powerful musician, his authentic self as a genuinely passionate, deeply sensitive music nerd still shines through. I believe this is what allows audiences to continue to connect so strongly with him, even though his growth has surpassed the natural point of fan-artist intimacy.

I must also give credit to the crowd, who gave the concert a comfortable, homey vibe that made the whole audience feel like a family. Everyone appeared to be relaxed and vibing out to the music while getting hyped up to sing along the lyrics when necessary. People were able to shed their inhibitions and go along with the playful interactions that Masego provided. Overall, the crowd was respectful and welcoming.

The Tabernacle has hosted thousands of acts since its inception and each one proves totransform the music house into its own magical world. I would like to give thanks to thislong-standing Atlanta gem that allows for artists of all genres to shine within its walls. On to the next one!



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