Students Spending Spring Break Abroad

The University of West Georgia is sending 22 students to Ireland for a study abroad opportunity. These Richards College of Business students will have the chance to earn up to 6 hours of undergraduate or graduate credit during spring break. The students participating in this unique experience can expect to be immersed in a new culture while having the opportunity to gain global experience. 

“I wanted to study abroad because I have never been out of the country before,” said UWG Senior Lindsey Shank. “I have never even been on a plane. I decided for spring break of my senior year I should try something new!” 

Some students chose to spend their spring break studying abroad due to their experience with previously participating in student abroad programs. 

“The previous trip was my first time leaving the country on my own without my parents; we traveled to Prague, Budapest, and Vienna,” said UWG Senior Elle Allen. “That trip sparked my love for traveling and seeing the country.” 

While in Ireland, students will have the chance to visit Kilkenny Castle, Coca-Cola of Ireland, Trinity College, the Titanic Center plus much more. Students will also have a free day in which they will be able to explore Ireland and the surrounding cities as they please. 

“Out of the options for study abroad spring break, Ireland was my top choice,” said Shank. “I am attracted to Ireland because of the beautiful landscapes, the historic castles and all of culture that I will get to experience.” 

Students who study abroad will be able to develop skills that attract future employers, making those students more marketable. This is an unique opportunity for students to gain perspective and understanding about a new culture and educational system. This trip is also meant to challenge students to extend their understanding of sociocultural diversity and to broaden their perspective of the world around them 

“When traveling I have experienced the language barrier which is expected when going to an unfamiliar country,” said Allen. “However when I went abroad two years ago our tour guide liked reminding the group of how Americans are so slow and like to linger. I’m interested in what the people of Ireland will be like, fast paced like the people of Prague, Budapest, and Vienna, or slow like Americans.” 

UWG provides both personal and financial support for students who want to study abroad. Scholarships are available to help students finance their trips, and fundraising opportunities are also available. 

“Growing up I never really had the opportunity to travel outside of the country; I honestly never gave much thought to it in my early college years because of the cost,” said Shank. “When I heard about Ireland last spring, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. I am counting down the days until we leave!” 

Students interested in participating in future study abroad programs should reach out to their advisors for more information regarding upcoming programs. 





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