Tanya Tucker Post-CMA Concert at the Mill Town Music Hall

            After her recent performance at the Country Music Awards this year, Tanya Tucker came and put on a show on Nov. 16 in Bremen, GA, at the Mill Town Music Hall. The opening act before Tucker and her band was Benton Blount, a music artist well known for his performances on America’s Got Talent. He played his guitar and sang four songs before he handed it off to Tucker. Blount made it a point to tell the audience that he never makes a setlist, he just goes off of what he writes on his guitar and songs he already knows. 

           Tanya Tucker then began the night with her song, “Some Kind of Trouble,” without an introduction after Blount. Tanya Tucker has been singing country music since the 1970s and has had several band members over the years. One of her background singers for the night was her daughter and she talked about her different band members throughout her performance. Her band consisted of a few background singers, a fiddle player, a drummer, a guitarist, a pianist, a mandolin player and a bassist.  

Tucker’s music is a part of the older Country music scene, but she has not lost her touch over the years. She does recognize her age now and how long she has kept an audience.  

            “Thanks for hanging in with me for so many years y’all,” Tucker stated to the audience. “I was 16 just a few years ago, right?”  

            Later on, Tucker performed her number one hits from 1975, “Lizzie and the Rainman” and “San Antonio Stroll”. She recently came out with her new album While I’m Livin’ this year. Some of the songs she sang from that album were “I Don’t Owe You Anything”, “Mustang Ridge”, and “The Wheels of Laredo”. She spoke about co-writing many of her songs and said that she co-wrote one of her newest songs, “Bring My Flowers Now”. 

            “I’ve been very blessed to know some great songwriters in my day,” said Tucker. “I’m just kind of glad that I started out early so I got to hang out with my heroes.”  

            One of Tucker’s close friends, Merle Haggard, was spoken about quite a few times during the show. She said that his son helped her to produce her new album. Haggard had helped her with her career before that and said that it had come full circle now. She sang some of her songs in tribute to her deceased parents and friends because of their meaning in her life. Tucker informed the audience that much of her success in her career was thanks to her friends and family.  

            Tucker has touched the lives of many through her music and still moves others today.  She ended the night with one of her more popular songs, “Delta Dawn” and had most of the audience singing with her at some points. Country music has recognized her as an icon for her age and an inspiration to others. Her performance at the Mill Town Music Hall was memorable and received a standing ovation at the end of the concert. Tucker has certainly not lost fans over the years seeing that the performance was sold out for that night. Her influence in country music is recognized everywhere and will continue to be for years to come.  



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