The Pressures of YouTube couples

When a couple is marked with the hashtag “Relationship Goals”, a form of pressure to be perfect is placed on their shoulders. With YouTube couples, they post everything about themselves to receive likes, follows and subscriptions. These reasons alone make many people believe that often, the relationships are fake and done for “clout” and status.

Public apologies aren’t only done by the actors and singers. YouTuber, Chris Sails, posted an apology video for cheating on his wife, Queen Sails, on their conjoined YouTube account. The questions of late among the YouTube community surround public apologies and whether or not the relationships are for love or the money.

However, Sails isn’t the only person in the public’s eye who has recently decided to make the bold move towards a public apology. Comedian and actor, Kevin Hart made his apology that went viral on Instagram. From the public’s view, both men have tried to get ahead of their situations, but their routes don’t always bring the positive responses.

In the Sails situation, he and his wife have been sending each other messages through YouTube. The two seemingly stepped in it big time when they continued to publicize their situation and further “receipts” came out. The problem with their approach is that it continues to involve the public and their fan base. Bringing their relationship problems to the spotlight came with both an advantage and a disadvantage. Although Sails and his wife reached their 2 million subscribers, the two received a lot of hate from the public. They put their lives on display where others can comment and judge.

On many videos following the apology video, the comment sections on their YouTube channel had been disabled. Many rumors and comments had spanned across social media saying that “the couple is fake. Their relationship is fake. They are only doing this for the money.”



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