The Story of Neffy Wells: UWG’s Star Socialite

Neffy Wells, UWG junior, could be described as a social butterfly — one that spreads her wings to reach everyone and leaves a lasting impression.


Social Neffy has been a public figure since 2015 before she was enrolled at UWG. However, Wells has also made herself a well-known figure on campus. From interviewing on and off campus, to hosting events to managing her Instagram page with all things Neffy, Wells is surely making a name and a brand for herself.


“I cover a lot of events. That’s where Social Neffy started. I just wanted to keep all my fellow peers connected with everything going on around campus since it’s a lot,” said Wells.


Oddly enough she was not always so extroverted. As a child, Wells and her family would practice public speaking skills together at their home. Her parents were blown away by her ability to articulate and her delivery and knew that she was destined for great things.


“For me, it was like if they have all this confidence in me I need to have more confidence in myself, so let us just see where it takes us and just go from there,” said Wells.


Her sophomore year at UWG, Wells decided to find her niche. She decided to focus on an area on campus where she could grow and groom herself for her future career as a talk show host or news anchor. Wells strives to follow the footsteps of great African American women like Oprah Winfrey and Wendy Williams, understanding that their hard work is what has made them so successful.


From the outside looking in, the perception maybe that she just looks and talks into a camera for fun, but it is much more than that.


As a telecommunications major, Wells is grateful that the courses she has taken have versed her in a variety of skills that can be used interchangeably in her field. Not only will she be the figure on screen, but it will not be difficult for her to manage her business from behind the camera as well.


Her energy and her personality are what have made her stand out from the rest but the thing that has helped her stay on track and continue to strive is her faith.



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