The Wonderful World of Anastasia

Anastasia Beverly Hills is a makeup brand founded by Anastasia Soare that was established in 1997. 

It is best known for brow shaping products that changed the way people perceive makeup application. The first ABH brow collection launched in 2000 at Nordstorm across America and in recent years the brand has divulged into a variety of products including eyeshadow palettes and complexion products such as foundation and highlighters. 

The brand has built a special relationship with both consumers and influencers when Anastasia’s daughter, Norvina, made the decision to expand the brand through the use of social media. In 2018, the brand’s most popular collaboration was developed with influencer Amra Olevic Reyes, also known as Amrezy.  

Teaming up with influencers has fueled the impact the brand has had on the beauty community. The most recent collaboration is with 32-year-old Nigerian-American YouTuber Jackie Aina. Jackie has over three million subscribers and an estimated 276 million views on her channel. In her ten year run, she has gained popularity because of her entertaining makeup tutorials and the willingness to call out beauty brands for their lack of diversity in their products. 

The Jackie X ABH palette was released around mid-August and has garnered popularity in the beauty community. Aina marketed the palette as a brown-girl-friendly palette but beauty bloggers alike agree that it is a palette that complements all skin tones.  

“I’ve always felt like the palettes they’ve come out with have always been dope, but I’ve always felt like there was a little something missing, a little something I would do differently, or a little something that doesn’t work for my complexion,” said Aina in her announcement video. 

The palette was developed in the course of a year and includes 14 shades that range from warm to cool and a few iridescent shades to make a variety of makeup looks. Aina solely put together a palette of shades that she personally loves to use and worked closely with Norvina to make sure that the palette was exactly what every beauty lover would want.  

Each shade is highly pigmented and buttery soft to the touch. The price point for this palette is a hefty one, clocking in at $45 but for the price it is a palette worth owning because of its versatility. The creation of this palette is something that needed to happen to bridge the gap between underrepresented groups and the beauty industry. Now an option exists for over the top individuals and those who want to keep it subtle but glam.  





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