UWG Peer Tutoring and The University Writing Center: Utilizing Student Resources

As an undergraduate student at The University of West Georgia, there are various resources and tools that are put into place to support student success. Tutoring services and writing services are available on campus, both are free of charge and available to students virtually and face to face. Both departments allow appointments for students with specific needs, which can be accessed through the UWG website along with information about what to bring and what to expect during a session.

 The peer tutoring program is designed to service all UWG core curriculum, which includes up to 140 courses as well as upper-level courses. This is similar to the University Writing Center, which services students with any aspect of writing they may need guidance with. Peer tutoring services are led by students and the University Writing Center is led by graduate consultants who are open and eager to work with anyone regardless of classification.

            “Tutoring is for everyone,” said the Coordinator of Peer Tutoring, Emily Richardson. “In fact, some of the benefits of utilizing peer tutoring is having someone assist you with the course content that has already taken the class and made an A, as well as working with students who know good study skills and strategies that they’re willing to share. It’s very casual and I think that’s what makes the experience fun for students.”

            Peer tutoring services also offer ongoing tutor job applications with a requirement of a 3.0 GPA or higher. The peer tutoring department also encourages aspiring tutors to maintain an A letter grade in the core they are applying for.  The peer tutoring center is always looking for students with different backgrounds and disciplines. Having a variety of tutors with different backgrounds is beneficial for students who need help within their specific major or area of study. Not only is this helpful in terms of obtaining more knowledge but it is also a great way to connect with other students and build relationships that can further aid in student success.

            Along with peer tutoring, UWG also offers tutoring sessions for writing at the University Writing Center in three different modes. These modes include limited face-to-face sessions, asynchronous paper reviews through Courseden and synchronous video sessions; all of which can be set up by contacting the center via email. The tutoring staff is composed of professors who teach English 1101 & 1102, as well as graduate students who are getting their masters in English and are happy to work with undergraduate students.

            “There is absolutely no shame in taking advantage of tutoring,” said the Coordinator of the University Writing Center, Duane Theobald. “One of the things I tell students all the time is that even their professor’s work has to be reviewed by other people, or oftentimes they will get a colleague here on campus to review their work before it’s actually submitted somewhere. I believe there is a lot of value in working and talking with another person about your work.”



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