Wolf Wellness Offers Free CPR Anytime Classes

UWG offers a free non-certification cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) class every month. UWG’s Wolf Wellness Center recently held a CPR Anytime class on Feb. 18 and plans to open the class every month to students and community.

Wolf Wellness provides CPR and emergency education to give the community knowledge and tools necessary for crisis situations. CPR Anytime is a free initiative sponsored and supported by the American Heart Association.

“I think people should be taking the time to learn very simple things to do,” says Bridgette Stewart, UWG’s Chief Wellness Officer and the Director of the Center for Integrative Wellness. “But things that truly do save people’s lives before paramedics arrive.”

CPR Anytime is a 40 minute class that teaches or refreshes the basics surrounding CPR, the automated external defibrillator (AED) and the Heimlich.

“We offer CPR classes for Departments on campus that may want to have everyone trained, we can schedule churches in the community, any entity that wants a course,” says Stewart.

CPR Anytime classes are open to any individuals including students, professors and anyone in the community. Wolf Wellness simply wants to provide resources and education as best as they can to aid the general public.

While the classes will be available every month, anyone can schedule a group lesson at their own convenience in line with Wolf Wellness’ facilities and instructor availability.

“If [students] are interested in having a CPR Anytime scheduled for your specific fraternity, sorority, organization and staff,” says Stewart.

Stewart recommends that anyone wishing to take the class schedules a group session from anywhere between four to ten people to ensure the maximization of the instructor’s time and the effectiveness of the outreach.

UWG also offers certification courses for CPR and First Aid that require payments but if some are unable to take those classes, a basic course like CPR Anytime is recommended.

Students are also given the chance to teach and accumulate field experience for their given majors, where undergraduates are given the opportunity to lead the CPR Anytime classes.

Wolf Wellness offers many resources and outreaches to serve the community from CPR classes to wellness advice for exercise routines or other avenues within sports management.

“[Learning CPR] is invaluable, because ‘you’ (the lay responder) are responsible for over half of the survival of an individual,” says Stewart. “We’re trying to encourage proactivity versus reactivity.”



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