Wrapping Things Up: The WOLF and WUTV Personality Prepares to Graduate

Senior Bode Brooks has made quite a few memorable accomplishments during his time at UWG. As a journalist of the Mass Communications Department, Brooks has used his skills in news reporting to contribute to the university’s own television station, WUTV, where he is the director of news.  

Brooks also hosts a show at the school’s radio station, The WOLF, called The Power Hour that is dedicated to news reporting where he is director of news as well. Although Brooks’ involvement at The WOLF and WUTV keep him busy, he remains a dedicated source for reporting quality content. 

 “I’m more focused on wrapping things up and trying to graduate,” Brooks said. “But outside of classes, I’m spending a lot of time either at WUTV or at The WOLF. I’m either at one of the two and usually I don’t leave campus until late in the afternoon.”  

 Although his work in news is extensive, this does not mean that Brooks is not actively participating in work outside of what he does at both stations. He is still a senior who is making the most of his remaining time at the university.  

 “In addition to what I do professionally, as far as news-wise, I do have somewhat of a life,” Brooks said. “I’m a member of Greek life and I’m actively at any events my fraternity has going on. Although work kind of gets in the way, I try to stay social.”  

Brooks’ ability to juggle his social and professional life have allowed him to stay on par as a wonderful journalist. One of his most memorable reports even gained national recognition. The report covered a Nazi Rally that took place in Newnan, GA. The story earned Brooks an award in the Radio Hard News category from the Broadcast Education Association for his coverage of the event.  

“The reason why I entered coverage of the rally was because we want to have [The WOLF] recognized for producing quality work here,” said Brooks. “When it comes for things to be submitted we look at what really shines and obviously the Nazi story really jumped out. It was one of the most memorable times I’ve had as a journalist as well.”  

Although the award gained Brooks a lot of attention, he still remains humble in his career. The recognition he has for quality work in the Department of Mass Communications has not deterred him from wanting to learn all he can to continue to advance in his career.   

“I’m just like any other journalist who started off and didn’t know what they were doing, but I love what I do,” Brooks said. “Anyone can do what I do with hard work and the right mindset.”  

Brooks will certainly be missed by those he is inspired and helped during his time at UWG. However, before he leaves people can still tune in to listen to his show The Power Hour on The WOLF and see his news coverage and reporting on WUTV.  



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