Creatives in Carrollton and Student Intern Opportunities

The Carrollton Community has been home to many successful businesses, but one that has quickly made a name for itself here is RedCube Creative. RedCube is a multi-media production company located on Adamson Square. The space is owned by Jonathan Drake and Brian Little.  

“Brian and I came together forming one company from two separate companies. The goal was to grow larger and involve more people to impact more people,” said Drake. “We have worked with a number of businesses in Carrollton and are hoping to expand that even more in our community very soon. We also work with people all over the country and even internationally.” 

Photo Credit: Johnathan Drake

The duo decided to combine their companies about a year and a half ago and were recently welcomed into the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce. 

  “We had a ribbon cutting at our new offices a few weeks ago,” said Drake. “We just joined the chamber about two months ago and it was the best decision we could have made. We have already connected with so many amazing people and businesses and look forward to being a staple in this community for years to come.”  

The company is full of passionate people and the owners have a real love for helping give their clients the best experience that they can.  

“We have a great team that we have built so far and the team atmosphere is always fun and exciting,” said Drake. “Our goal when we work with a client is to give them a completely new experience than anything they have seen before.” 

Some of its top customers are locally owned businesses in Carrollton that are thriving as well, building connections that will strengthen the Carrollton community as a whole. 

“In Carroll County we have done projects with Southwire, Midway Church, Tabernacle Baptist Church, South of Heaven BBQ, Plates on the Square, Fever Dance & Jules and James Boutique. We work with all types of different industries. It really is something different almost every single day,” said Drake. 

UWG students also have some real opportunities with RedCube Creative because it embraces learners and those who have a passion for multimedia. RedCube had its first round of interns at the new location this past summer of 2019. The company has opened opportunities to allow student shadowing in photography, social media, graphic design and many other parts of mass media. The sky’s the limit with this crew. 

“We are always looking for individuals who are willing to learn and want to grow in one of the areas that we service. We are not looking for people who already know it all, we want students who are teachable and hard working,” said Drake. “We have been a part of Media Day at West Georgia for the last two years and took on our first interns in May of this year. We learned a lot and are excited about new internships that we will be open to immediately.”  

RedCube wants students to come and learn and even talk about things they are dreaming about the closer they get to graduating college.  

“We never miss deadlines and we go to the extreme to make our clients happy. We want to stand out from the pack when it comes to work ethic. We are always early, we work hard and we produce a great product,” said Drake. “We believe in excellence and we want to do our best to meet that mark every time. I’m proud of what RedCube has become in the short year and a half we have been in business and I know the best is yet to come.”  



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