Do Good has chosen its UWG student winners

Michael Wahl, owner of Do Good, a fair trade market located inside of Re-Thread thrift store, has chosen it’s UWG student product winners. Students from UWG’s Retail Management class pitched fair trade products, with one product being chosen and put in Wahl’s Do Good market.  

 “Everyone had some great products, there were three top pitches that I really liked,” said Wahl. “All the students worked hard on this project and I hope they had fun.” 

Five groups were created within the class, with each group choosing their own product to pitch. Each group was graded on their presentation by appeal, product information, social media and 30-second pitch.  Group five consisting of students Amanda Friend, Zach Harvel, Stefan McCray, Katelynn Johnson and Ashley Wilson came together to present their product, Good Paper Cards, and won. Group five chose to make gift packages from the product already in the Do Good marketplace, to help present their cards. Each package was labeled and had a corresponding card to go along with it. 

Photo Credit: Katelynn Johnson

“Group five had the best 30-second pitch,” said Wahl. “They flowed well together, knew their product and even had a social media calendar made for me.” 

Good Paper Cards is a fair trade business that helps supports women affected by sex trafficking in the Philippines, and men and women affected by the genocide in Rwanda. Each card is carefully handcrafted by its maker, and then personally signed on the back when finished.  

“We chose this product because we thought that Good Paper’s mission went well with the rest of Michael’s products in his store,” said Wilson. 

Inside Do Good market, many will find products that have a mission or purpose behind it. Headbands for Hope is one of many businesses Wahl has chosen to carry within Do Good Market. Headbands for Hope was developed to help give back to children with cancer. Each headband purchased from Do Good gives a new headband to a child at Scottish Rite.  

Good Paper Cards will be joining other businesses such as a local Georgia business, Rahab’s Rope, to be revealed in the Do Good Market. Rahab’s Rope gives hope to women and children who are at risk or forced into commercial sex trade.  

“I actually may carry more than one product in my store from all of the group pitches,” said Wahl. “I am glad I decided to open my store to UWG students because they found products I never knew existed.” 

Do Good had a grand showing of all the products that were pitched. Products included a gift bag, scrunchie, a clutch and keychain. Each product was labeled with the company’s name and the group which chose it. Wahl had already made his first order at Good Paper and had many cards displayed at the showing. He also talked about all the other products located inside Do Good, and why he chose to carry them. 

“Group five was really creative in incorporating products I already had into their pitch,” said Wahl. “I chose them not only for the pitch, but for how well it flowed with my current products.”  



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