Fun and Free at UWG

In an effort to increase student involvement on campus during the weekends, University of West Georgia (UWG)  features Fun and Free weekends once a month. 

“The reason for having Weekends West Georgia is to give students something fun to do that does not require them to leave campus or spend any money. “said Caleb Nichol, Graduate Assistant and Weekend Programmer at UWG.  

The UWG Center for Student Involvement is primarily concerned with ensuring that all students connect to campus and become enriched in the campus culture. There are a variety of events from Standup Comedy, sporting event viewings, as well as coffee and music take place during Fun and Free weekends, so each student feels welcomed. 

“We know that students do better in college when they get connected to campus, create friendships and overall enjoy their college experience,” said Nichol. “The main goal of weekend events is to get students to come to free and fun events where they can have fun with their current friends, meet new friends and get connected to campus. This is ultimately going to help relieve stress and leave students healthier, happier, and will help them to succeed in getting their degree.”  

UWG is also in the works of creating an assessment that students can fill out to see what students want for the fun and free weekends. This will help the University create diversity for all the students who get involved.  One major event coming up soon is performer Haley Klinkhammer. Klinkhammer is a local artist who has been performing for over ten years now.  She kick-started her career by posting her music to social media accounts such as YouTube and Facebook. Klinkhammer said that she is excited to play at UWG and that she loves meeting fans after the shows. Her favorite song to play is Riptide by Vance Joy, but she enjoys performing many others as well. For students who are pursuing music, this event is a chance to listen and get advice on how to get started the way Klinkhammer did. This event is on Feb 25 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the campus center ballroom. 

“Advice I have for someone pursuing a music career is to put yourself out there. With the Internet, we all can share music or whatever it is we love with the world. Put videos on YouTube and Facebook – get feedback – find out what works and what doesn’t. That can really help you find direction as an artist.” said Klinkhammer.   

The Center for Student Involvement encourages all students to come out and enjoy this special event. The social media page for the fun and free weekends lists details about all upcoming events. 

“My favorite part about Weekends West Georgia is when an event goes well and is enjoyed by a lot of students,” said Nichol. “So, please, everyone come out to our events and follow us on social media so you never miss when an event is being held.”



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